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Taylor Swift Gives Shocking 3-Word Message to Cameras as NFL Fans’ Anger Seems to Be Getting to Her

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Taylor Swift has the NFL investing like a star-struck adolescent, whereas football aficionados have not been as enthusiastic. Nonetheless, based on her apparent remarks to a CBS game day camera crew, Swift might be growing weary of the football spotlight as well.

Swift was present at the Sunday playoff contest between the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs once more. The musical star, who has attended the majority of Chiefs games this season, was present to support her significant other, Chiefs sensation Travis Kelce.

By accumulating the game’s opening touchdown, Kelce did not let down Swift or Chiefs supporters.

Ahead of M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, the Chiefs star intercepted a 19-yard pass from quarterback Patrick Mahomes during the first quarter of the AFC championship game. The Independent reported that Taylor Swift, who was in the stands observing, was naturally the subject of the instantaneous cut by the camera crew.

Naturally, Swift’s attendance at Sunday’s AFC championship game dominated the media coverage. Twitter was flooded with commentary from news organizations regarding Swift’s black coat, which she wore with a red top, a gold necklace, and her signature red lipstick.

Swift was observed planting a smacker on Kelce’s lips on the field as the team celebrated their victory, which advanced them to the Super Bowl for the fourth time in the past five years. The image sent warm tingles through the media following the game.

However, there was one instance in which Swift appeared to have grown somewhat weary of the constant and extensive media attention surrounding her presence at the game.

Once more, during the second quarter, the CBS videographers pursued her in order to display her visage on jumbotrons and television screens worldwide.

She appeared somewhat unenthusiastic, HuffPost reported.

As the camera focused in on her face, Swift apparently told them to “go away, please.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

If Swift is sick of the NFL attention, die-hard football fans are even more fed up with it all.

Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski spoke for a lot of fans when he urged the NFL to stop with all the fawning over Swift. In Oct. he said “It’s just a little bit too much.” CONTINUE READING…

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