Ted Cruz Explodes on ‘Peppermint Patty,’ Pelosi

During his speech at CPAC, Ted Cruz called Jen Psaki ‘Peppermint Patty,’ said Pelosi rides a ‘broom,’ got the crowd to chant ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ and also boo Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who viciously cracked down on the Freedom Convoy.

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During the annual conference, Cruz launched into a series of zingers, telling attendees that the nation is currently engaged in a struggle between ‘power and liberty.’

‘The two are in fundamental conflict. We are seeing it every day: Vaccine mandates versus doctors and nurses, mask mandates versus kids in school, Spotify versus Joe Rogan, GoFundMe versus Canadian truckers,’ he explained.

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‘Justin Trudeau,’ he said, as the crowd began to boo. ‘Let’s pause for a second and observe that is the first time in recorded history that any Canadian has elicited that much of a response from any crowd on planet earth,’ Cruz, who was actually born in Canada to an American mother, said.

During Cruz’s speech on Thursday, Psaki was conducting the daily WH press conference where she answered reporters’ questions about Peanuts’ character comparison as Cruz was speaking.

‘Don’t tell him I like Peppermint Patty – so I’m not going to take it too offensively. Sen. Cruz, I like Peppermint Patty. I’m a little tougher than that, so there you go,’ Psaki reacted.

Cruz marveled when he saw the conference throng.

‘Thousands of patriots, and not a damn mask in sight,’ Cruz exclaimed.

After that, he began warning about the dangers of big government.

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‘Across the board, big government sucks. The business sucks. Big Hollywood, big universities – any accumulation of power that is centralized is fundamentally dangerous for individual liberty.’

He said freedom was under attack because those powers ‘work together hand in hand.’

‘You look at what happened with Joe Rogan – Joe Rogan, Jen Psaki,’ he continued and waited for crowd response.

‘Oh come on, Jen Psaki doesn’t get the Justin Trudeau treatment?’ he asked – as the crowd booed. ‘Peppermint Patty deserves some love!’

Psaki applauded Spotify for sticking disclaimers on Rogan’s show after the host asserted he was unvaccinated and promoted COVID-19 remedies like ivermectin.

According to Cruz, the answer is to: ‘Break it up – break big tech up into a million little pieces.’

He ended his 18-minute remarks by discussing the midterm elections this year.

There are a number of GOP candidates speaking at CPAC, starting Thursday and continuing throughout the weekend. Former President Donald Trump is the featured speaker on Saturday.

‘Let me say one final thing – In January of 2023, I am looking forward to walking down the hallway of the United States Capitol. And bumping into a little man wearing overalls. He’s carrying a screwdriver and coming to change the sign on Nancy Pelosi’s door,’ Cruz declared.

‘And Nancy is going to get on her broom – OK, no, no that’s not fair, that’s not fair – she’s going to get on her private jet, called the U.S.S. Broom and fly back to California and we’re going to send Chuck Schumer back to New York City.’

‘And we’re going to tell Joe Biden it’s 2025 and he’ll just wander back to Delaware,’ he added.

Cruz asserted that ‘change is coming.’

‘It is powerful. You wanna know how powerful? Find me one person on planet earth who doesn’t know what “Let’s Go Brandon” is.’

The crowd chanted ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ as Cruz walked from the stage.


Earlier this week, Cruz weighed in on recent revelations from John Durham that Hillary had her 2016 campaign spy on then-candidate Trump.

Cruz said if the Special Counsel’s recent legal filings are true, it would be worse than the Watergate scandal of Nixon’s era.

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According to the Texas Republican, the Clinton presidential campaign paid spies to conduct surveillance on Trump during the 2016 campaign, a report that outraged viewers on “Fox News Sunday.”

The accused should be put in jail if the accusations are true, Cruz said.

Cruz told Fox, “We have to see what the facts are, the allegations, what he filed in federal court, is deeply concerning. What he alleged as a federal prosecutor, a special prosecutor, is that a lawyer for the Hillary Clinton campaign conspired with a big tech executive to monitor and spy on Donald Trump, to spy on him at his home, to spy on him at his office, and indeed they were spying on the White House itself. They were spying on a sitting president.”

“You and I both remember when President Trump said the Democrats are spying on me. The corporate media collectively laughed at him. They mocked him. They said what a ridiculous claim for him to make. Well, what special counsel Durham is alleging is true. What Donald Trump said was absolutely right. To the extent Hillary Clinton is complicit with this, her campaign is complicit with it, or lawyers are complicit with it, big tech is complicit with it. If this is true, it’s a lot bigger than Watergate. That was a bungled, third-rate burglary. It was wrong, people to jail for Watergate, and people need to go to jail for this if these allegations are true.”