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Ted Cruz Predicts DOJ Will Indict Hunter Biden to Make It Easier to Indict Trump

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) of the Republican Party has predicted that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will charge Hunter Biden because it would make it easier to indict President Donald Trump.

Cruz informed Fox News that the DOJ is attempting to conceal the more severe charges against the son of Democratic president Joe Biden.

“This DOJ is trying to focus on Hunter Biden’s drug problem because they want to insulate Joe Biden from the real issue of public concern, which is public corruption,” Cruz said.

“I also think they’re planning to indict Hunter Biden because they really want to indict Donald Trump to say, ‘Look how even-handed we are. We indicted both Hunter Biden and Donald Trump.’”

Cruz criticized the Department of Justice for issuing a letter instructing the FBI to collaborate with local law police to “target” protesting parents.

He said that the GOP should consider impeaching a few members of President Biden’s cabinet.

“I think we should focus at least initially on Mayorkas and Merrick Garland because those are two cabinet officials who are profoundly abusing their responsibilities.

“And I think the American people need to know the facts.”

Cruz has been traversing the country in front of the midterm elections in 2022 to promote various Republican candidates.

According to The Orlando Sentinel:

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz drummed up support Friday night for two Central Florida congressional candidates ahead of what he predicted will be a “red tsunami” in the Sunshine State and across the nation on Election Day.

The Texas GOP senator stumped for Cory Mills and Scotty Moore at the Horsepower Ranch in Geneva in Florida’s redrawn 7th Congressional District with early votes being cast in the Nov. 8 election.

Cruz served up red meat to the conservative crowd, warning of dire consequences if Democrats keep control of Capitol Hill.

He took shoots at President Joe Biden, joking he “wanders off stage until the Easter Bunny leads him back.”

He quipped, “Inflation is so high Hunter Biden can’t afford crack cocaine.”

“We’re not just going to see a red wave,” Cruz said.

“We are going to see a red tsunami.”


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