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Ted Cruz Says Biden ‘Certainly’ Isn’t Running the White House After New Budget Proposal

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Ted Cruz acknowledged what the majority of us have long known… Biden is a puppet leader.

Cruz criticizes the projected $6.8 trillion budget of the Biden administration on social media, claiming he no longer runs the White House.

Cruz, R-Texas, asserted that President Biden’s budget for the 2024 fiscal year indicated that “socialists are in charge” and that he had failed to fulfill his vow to unite the two major parties.

The budget, as stated by Cruz, boosts taxes and increases expenditure to record levels for the socialist economic, education, climate, and healthcare agenda.

“The sad truth: The socialists are in charge of the White House,” Cruz stated on Twitter. “Joe Biden certainly isn’t!”

Cruz made such remarks during a Thursday evening interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

According to Fox News, the presenter disclosed that an increasing number of Americans were struggling and that many had resorted to using credit cards for everyday expenses, cashing out their retirements, and living paycheck to paycheck.

“Senator, I gave the numbers. We see the economy. We see two-thirds of people now can’t make ends meet, you see people cashing in their retirement plans to make ends meet, and people for bare necessities are using credit cards. It has never been this bad, in my lifetime at least,” Hannity remarked.

“Sean, the sad truth is the socialists are in charge of the White House,” Cruz declared in response. “Biden certainly isn’t but the people he surrounded himself with have a very simple approach to everything, they want to spend money they don’t have [and] they want to raise taxes on you.”

As part of their plan to destroy the American ideal, he continued, “They’ve unleashed record inflation on purpose.”

Cruz said, “This budget that Biden put out would create a $50 trillion national debt and their view is they can just keep printing money and unleashing inflation and keep borrowing money from China. It’s wildly irresponsible.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“The Texas Republican said the budget prioritized funding the IRS but was notably missing appropriations to secure the U.S.-Mexico border wall. He also mentioned Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., as one of the people steering Biden’s proposal, Fox added. CONTINUE READING…

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