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Teen Girl Hospitalized After Suffering ‘Self-Inflicted’ Injury at Ted Cruz’s House – Senator’s Office Responds

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A young girl self-inflicted wounds at the house of Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz on Tuesday night, prompting his family to beg solitude.

KHOU reports that Houston police responded to the River Oaks home after receiving a call for a “self-inflicted cutting.”

Police reported that no criminal activity occurred, and after keeping a presence at the residence, they departed.

KTRK-TV reported that a 14-year-old had self-inflicted wounds to the arms. The youngster was sent to a nearby hospital.

Cruz has two kids ages 14 and 11, respectively.

“This is a family matter and thankfully their daughter is OK,” a representative for Cruz said in a statement, according to ABC.

“There were no serious injuries. The family requests the media respect their daughter’s privacy at this time.”

Texas Republican Representative Mayra Flores tweeted her support for the Cruz family.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the entire @tedcruz family. I pray for his daughters full recovery,” she wrote.

Cruz was in Washington when the event occurred.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Writing about the societal phenomenon of teen girls who cut themselves, the Newport Academy noted that often “the teen is experiencing an overwhelming amount of emotional stimuli and doesn’t have the tools or executive functioning to regulate these emotions.”

“That’s due in part to the fact that the teen brain is still developing, and the prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain that controls emotion regulation — is the last area to fully mature. The prefrontal cortex is also responsible for impulse control, and research shows that teen self-harm is directly linked to impulsivity.” CONTINUE READING…

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