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Terrifying Discovery Made Near Pennsylvania Train Tracks

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Sunday, a pipe bomb was discovered in the Holmesburg neighborhood of Philadelphia.

According to WTXF-TV, the device was discovered behind St. Dominic’s Catholic Church in the 8500 block of Frankford Avenue.

According to Newsweek, railroad tracks also run behind the chapel.

The length of the pipe bomb was around 18 inches, according to WTXF.

According to police, a bystander discovered the explosive and informed authorities.

The bomb was a PVC pipe with both ends sealed with caps. The police stated that it looked to contain black magic.

The Bomb Squad of the Philadelphia Police Department responded and barricaded the road near the church.

WPVI-TV reports that the pipe bomb was carried back to police headquarters.

There was no official theory on the placement of the pipe bomb. Two significant, though dissimilar, viewpoints arose.

Many social media posts, as reported by Newsweek, speculated on a possible relation or copycat to the Ohio train crash that caused a poisonous cloud over East Palestine, Ohio earlier this month.

On the website Catholic Culture, it is said that there have been almost 250 instances of violence at Catholic sites in the United States during the previous three years.

The Daily Wire said that the discovery of the pipe bomb occurred one day after the murder of David O’Connell, an auxiliary bishop of the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

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