Texas Drops Coronavirus Restrictions, Opens All Businesses 100%

‘Effective next Wednesday, all businesses of any type are allowed to open 100%’

Texas is fully reopening and the statewide mask mandate will be rescinded this week, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced Tuesday.

Governor Gavin Newsom HAD to put in his two cents…

Okay soooo, all the “my body, my choice” folks rejoice when it comes to killing babies. But a mask? Now, that’s just taking it too far. Absolutely reckless, indeed.

Considering Newsom is the governor of CA, a state that has been caving in on itself for a while now, the bar is pretty low for defining recklessness. But, I digress.

BREAKING NEWS: Republican Sen. Mitt Romney Gets Knocked Unconscious

*sips alcoholic beverage*

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Then you have the keyboard warriors that are encouraging the death of Republicans which, to me, is a bit contradicting. I thought they wanted to reduce the likelihood of deaths – hence, wearing masks to “protect” against COVID-19?

Also, natural selection? Aren’t y’all the same crew who advocate for sex changes and hormone treatments for minors? Perhaps keep ‘natural selection’ out of your vernacular, Tommy boy. The ‘science’ is flawed and barely existent for Democrats as it is.

Here’s, Denise – another brain stem that is barely hanging on by Elmer’s Glue…

Yet the left loves to elect Democrats who encourage the people to kill their own offspring…

They’re acting like these governors are forcing people to stand open-mouthed in front of COVID-19+ sneezers.

If you’re that afraid, just stay inside, wear your mask, and stick your head further up your own backside.