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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Confronts Biden Over Border Policies On The Tarmac: ‘Your Failure’

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Two years after assuming office, President Joe Biden finally set foot on the southern border of the United States. Border communities, border patrol, and the governor of Texas awaited his arrival. Since Biden’s election, Texas and other border states have been pleading for federal assistance. While previous President Trump visited the border and developed a wall and other efforts, such as Title 42, to improve the problem, the Biden administration has not only ignored the crisis but has also consistently denied its existence.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have made headlines by sending busloads of illegal immigrants to “sanctuary states” and “sanctuary cities” that have expressed their willingness to accept them. As the federal government disregards requests, the border camps continue to flood the cities and states from which they leave. President Joe Biden is slated to visit Texas, ostensibly to observe the border issue, and Governor Abbott did not miss the occasion to make his point.

Governor Greg Abbott, a staunch opponent of the president’s border policy, accosted Vice President Joe Biden in El Paso, Texas, as the president’s plane arrived. The governor briefed the media on the meeting.

“The President announced on Thursday that he was gonna be coming to the border and we didn’t hear from him. He said he was gonna meet with local officials. Last night, a staff person in my office received an invitation from the president’s office for me to greet the president at the tarmac, which I did do as I always do,” Abbott said after speaking with Biden, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Democratic Texas Reps. Veronica Escobar, Henry Cuellar and Vicente González.

During the only visit with the president in Texas since the beginning of the Biden administration, Governor Abbott conveyed the state’s critical needs. “But I wanted to use the opportunity to express to the president the damage that he’s caused in the state of Texas and the solutions that he could deploy today to eliminate that damage, to restore the immigration system to an orderly system and to eliminate illegal immigration,” he continued.

Abbott was the first to welcome Vice President Biden as he descended from Air Force One onto the tarmac of the El Paso airport, where he presented the president with a letter including potential solutions to the border problem and criticisms of Biden’s handling of the border situation. Abbott referenced the fact that this will be Biden’s first visit to the border when he criticized Biden’s visit as “too late,” according to Daily Caller.

“Your open-border policies have emboldened the cartels, who grow wealthy by trafficking deadly fentanyl and even human beings,” the letter read. “Texans are paying an especially high price for your failure, sometimes with their very lives, as local leaders from your own party will tell you if given the chance.” CONTINUE READING…

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