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Texas Rancher Comes Out Swinging in Border Interview, Calls Biden and Mayorkas Traitors to Our Country

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On Monday, a rancher from Texas criticized the Biden administration, labeling President Joe Biden and his secretary of homeland security “traitors.”

A rancher named Wayne Knight, who appeared on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” could not speak more negatively about Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Lawrence Jones, a correspondent based in Eagle Pass, Texas, informed the studio audience that Knight was present when he and his crew captured footage of a male alien of military age unauthorizedly ascending the fence and squeezing through the barb wire atop the fence.

Jones identified the discarded garments that were hung over the razor wire to assist the unauthorized individuals in traversing the perilous barrier with minimal injury.

“This is incredible,” Knight said wearily. “And I see the same thing on the ranch. All the trash and the debris and the damage. I see that and I’m 20 miles south of here and I see the same thing there as what you’re seeing here.”

Jones went on to ask the rancher what he would tell Mayorkas.

“That he’s a traitor. He’s an absolute traitor,” Knight said.

“He lies under oath. He says that the border is secure. It’s not. He took an oath to protect us, and he’s not doing it. … The whole administration is the same way. Even our president, the president of the United States, I call him a traitor too,” the Texan continued.

Subsequently, Jones inquired of the rancher his opinion on Biden’s legal action against Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who led the effort to pass a law authorizing Texas police officers to apprehend and detain individuals who violate immigration regulations.

“It’s proof that he doesn’t care,” Knight said of the president. “It’s crazy. Our governor is trying to protect us and take care of us here on our own homeland. But yet our federal government is going to try to keep him from doing it? Treason.”

He said it’s clear the only reason Biden and the Democrats are allowing this illegal alien invasion is political.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it’s nothing but a vote,” Knight told Jones. “He claims he’s going to give all this stuff, and they’re going to praise him, so they’re going to vote for him.”

Jones ended his report by saying of the work to prevent illegal immigration, “Texas needs some help. It can’t do it by itself.”

Sources from the Border Patrol told Fox News last week that they encountered the highest number of unauthorized individuals in a single month in United States history, exceeding 300,000 in December.

A report by the Department of Housing and Urban Development indicates that the current state of homelessness among American citizens is at its greatest level since statistical records began.

The figure in excess of 300,000 does not account for the innumerable “gotaways”—illegal immigrants who evaded apprehension by Border Patrol personnel.

With an estimated 11.4 million unauthorized individuals residing in the United States, their population has surpassed that of all states except seven.

Indeed, if compiled in their entirety, the quantity of unauthorized individuals who have entered the country during the Biden administration would occupy the thirteenth largest state in the United States.

Wayne Knight is absolutely correct. Their calamitous and perilous border policy has characterized Joe Biden and his corrupt regime as nothing short of traitorous.

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