The Biden Family Scheme Unravels

The Biden family scheme is unraveling as a grand jury is investigating Hunter Biden for tax fraud, money laundering, and the violation of lobbying laws. Joe Biden is implicated in 11 of these business dealings as well as Joe’s brother Jim and his brother-in-law Jack. In a text message to his daughter, Hunter revealed that his father, Joe, takes half of his salary. This involvement in the family scheme is not merely a violation of the White House’s Ethics Policy, but rather a violation of serious federal laws.

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A left-wing cover-up scandal wrongfully buried this information about Joe and Hunter’s multimillion-dollar global influence-peddling scheme. Just months before the 2020 presidential election, censorship stemming from big tech and liberal fact-checkers incorrectly labeled the story “False.” The threads are finally beginning to unravel as Joe and Hunter’s shady business dealings are being heavily scrutinized.

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The problem for the Bidens isn’t simply Hunter’s laptop from hell. The bigger problem is that their former business partners are beginning to talk about their involvement in the scheme. When the FBI shows up at your door, things suddenly change. Joe and Hunter’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, gave the FBI a six-hour interview as well as a trove of documents, emails and encrypted messages. Bobulinski hasn’t testified yet in front of the grand jury investigating the case. If he does not testify before the grand jury, something is very wrong.

In a damning admission, Bobulinski has publicly named Joe Biden as the “Big Guy,” referenced in emails and text messages, whose 10% equity in a joint venture with Chinese energy company CEFC was held for him by Hunter.

Joe and Hunter Biden repeatedly flew on Air Force Two to meet their business partners in China. Biden also wrote a college recommendation letter and faxed it directly to the president of Brown University on behalf of the son of their Chinese business partner.

In the last two years of Joe’s vice presidency under Barack Obama, the family really cashed in before the moment passed. The Biden family received millions of dollars wired by Chinese energy company CEFC. The company used the Biden name to advance the interests of Communist China in Oman, Luxembourg, Romania, the Middle East and Asia.

The White House’s position on this issue is unsustainable. First of all, the White House spokespeople said the president stands by his pre-election statement that Hunter never received any money from China. This is patently false. Banks flagged massive wire transfers coming from China to Hunter’s company as “potential criminal activity,” which triggered the FBI’s investigation.

Dementia-ridden Joe Biden has claimed over and over that he has no knowledge about the corrupt business dealings involving his son Hunter, his brother James, and his brother-in-law Jack. Going a step further, White House chief of staff Ron Klain has gone on TV to declare that the president remains confident his son didn’t violate the law.

While the entire Biden family is cashing in on the career and power of Joe Biden, the “big guy” himself is conveniently unaware and has never spoken to Hunter about Joe’s 10% cut.

This included $6 million paid in two wires in February and March 2017 to Rob Walker, a trusted Biden family friend and a former Clinton administration official, whose wife, Betsy Massey Walker, had been Jill Biden’s assistant when she was second lady.

CEFC was the capitalist arm of China’s Belt and Road initiative, President Xi Jinping’s imperialist program to compromise smaller countries, bribe their officials, buy up their energy resources and infrastructure and ensnare them in debt traps, in a bid to overtake the United States as the world’s economic superpower.

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The Biden partnership was crucial to open doors and give CEFC a veneer of respectability.

Walker would be a useful witness for the Delaware grand jury, as would another of Hunter’s business partners, Eric Schwerin, president of his firm Rosemont Seneca and general factotum.

We know that Delaware investigators issued a subpoena in 2019 to JPMorgan Chase bank for international financial transactions involving Hunter and James Biden, Schwerin and another former business partner, Devon Archer.

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Schwerin has extensive knowledge of Biden family finances and appeared to have signature privileges over Joe Biden’s money, as shown by emails on the laptop.

“Your Dad’s Delaware tax refund check came today,” he emailed Hunter on June 10, 2010. “I am depositing it in his account and writing a check in that amount back to you since he owes it to you. Don’t think I need to run it by him, but if you want to go ahead. If not, I will deposit tomorrow.”