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The FBI Refuses to Name Other Social Media Companies It’s Paying

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According to a shocking Twitter data dump, the FBI reportedly paid Twitter to conceal bad posts about the Biden family for a long period of time, and there will be more investigations into this matter.

Recent company communications called the “Twitter files” revealed these findings and more. Republicans on Capitol Hill are horrified by the evidence and want to make the voter suppression issue a key priority for the GOP majority in January.

The’smoking gun’ emails were obtained by Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, and they demonstrate that the FBI paid Twitter at least $3.5 million over the course of two years to suppress harmful posts about Joe, Biden, and the Democrats.

The records expose how the FBI dealt with Twitter, as if it were a division of the agency informing the social media giant which tweets and accounts to take action against.

FBI agent Elvis Chan emailed Twitter personnel the following list of accounts to ban in one of the several emails he sent:

Over a dozen former FBI personnel continue to work for Twitter. Despite the fact that Musk removed former FBI general counsel James Baker, Twitter’s counsel, for his suspected participation in information suppression in the days preceding the 2020 presidential election, Baker became Twitter’s legal counsel.

It appears Twitter staffers obeyed orders from the FBI and the Biden campaign to ban reports and tweets regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contained emails demonstrating influence-peddling by former Vice President Joe Biden and possibly criminal activity by his son Hunter.

Mark Meckler, CEO of the social media platform Parler and president of the Convention of States action, told the media: “when the media itself becomes an instrument of government, which it seems like it has been doing now with the release of the Twitter files, that’s very dangerous because the media is now controlling the narrative that the government wants it to control.”

James Comer, the incoming head of the House Oversight Committee, told the media: “anyone that cares about Free Speech, should be outraged. Regardless of your political affiliation. This must end; the new Republican majority in January’s house will make this a key priority.

Mike Turner, head of the intelligence committee, addressed the media and said,  “who is it that’s coordinating this? How can we cut off the money and prohibit this in the future and we will use our subpoena power to track that down to make certain that this doesn’t happen again.”

This straightforward tweet summarizes the situation on the website of the Republican House Judiciary Committee:

Twitter, according to Meckler, has exposed itself vulnerable to a First Amendment lawsuit by basically operating as an arm of the government. So has the FBI.

According to the leaked emails, the government exerted such pressure on Twitter and collaborated so closely with Twitter that Twitter can be viewed as a government actor, in accordance with the state actor theory, and is possibly accountable for violations of the First Amendment.

The House Republicans have vowed to use their spending authority against the FBI. By denying it financing, however, this might be circumvented by the Omnibus budget plan, which would finance the FBI for a whole year.

Joes Nino, writing for our pals at Big League Politics, stated that the three million Twitter users are only the tip of the iceberg.

According to Cindy Harper of Reclaim the Net, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has not named the social networks it has paid. This development comes on the heels of news confirming that the bureau paid Twitter at least $3.5 million.

FBI representatives talked to Fox News and revealed that the sizable Twitter payment was a “reimbursement” for expenses and costs of its requests.

The FBI revealed that the group had paid other social media platforms apart from Twitter. Fox News pressed the FBI to reveal the names of other companies it had paid for these activities. In the end, the FBI was unwilling to provide additional information concerning the topic. However, the FBI representatives revealed that the agency offers payment for all reasonable expenses connected to the acquisition of information that is critical for legal processes.

“While we are not able to speak to specific payments, the government is required to provide reimbursement for reasonable expenses directly related to searching for, assembling, reproducing, or otherwise providing the information responsive to the legal process. This requirement is set by federal law and the courts are the final arbiters of what is reasonable compensation,” the FBI officials stated.

The FBI is a rogue government agency that does whatever it pleases due to the power it has been granted by the congressional uniparty.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“This agency is an unconstitutional blight on the American Republic, in addition to being an existential threat to Middle America. Serious political figures on the Right would do everything possible to defund, if not outright abolish, the FBI. CONTINUE READING…

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