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The Feds Have All The Evidence They Need To Go After Jeffrey Epstein’s Buddies. Here’s Why They Still Roam Free

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Based on the information available, Jeffrey Epstein’s colleagues might face federal criminal prosecution, but constructing a case against them could take years, according to sex trafficking law experts.

Epstein had a meticulous contact list in a tiny black book and was photographed with many influential persons, including former President Bill Clinton, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom, former President Donald Trump, and others.

During the criminal prosecution of Epstein’s partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, Larry Visoski claimed that he spotted Clinton, Trump, and disgraced actor Kevin Spacey among Epstein’s celebrity clients. In his testimony, he made no specific claims. According to one Maxwell complainant, who testified under a pseudonym, Maxwell boasted about her ties to influential persons.

Despite evidence available for criminal charges, such as Epstein’s little black book and statements in the Maxwell trial, legal action against Epstein’s alleged collaborators has been limited to civil lawsuits filed by victims and attorneys general.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s (NCOSE) chief legal counsel, Benjamin Bull, said prosecutors should be “salivating” at the prospect of pursuing justice for Epstein’s victims. “Any serious prosecutor worth his salt would be all over this little black book,” Bull said, according to the Daily Caller.

“It’s a roadmap leading to the people guilty of trafficking children among Epstein’s friends and benefactors, such as Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and other prominent but culpable perpetrators,” he continued. “The scandal waiting to explode is why law enforcement has ignored this ever-growing sex trafficking ring. We need an explanation for why people are not being charged and prosecuted. Is this an instance of classic influence peddling corruption in law enforcement? Why no action? The silence is now deafening.”

Bull is a former prosecutor of obscenity and child pornography prosecutions who has won several cases before the United States Supreme Court. He has also educated prosecutors from the Justice Department, as well as state attorneys general and prosecutorial groups.

An investigation and prosecution involving wide-ranging illegal behavior by sex traffickers can take years before charges are made, and Epstein’s worldwide scope may further prolong the process.

“It is not atypical for a human trafficking case to take several years to investigate and prosecute,” said Jane Anderson, a former human trafficking prosecutor in Miami-Dade County. “Investigators and prosecutors should investigate all sex crimes, following the evidence they uncover, including following up on any victim disclosure of sexual assault or exploitation.”

Prosecutors can seek primary sources of evidence such as “interviews, digital evidence, public and government records, financial records, and more. Some evidence requires probable cause (or other legal standards) and tools like court orders, search warrants, or subpoenas to access,” Anderson told the Caller.

According to Anderson, a criminal case may typically be proven beyond a reasonable doubt if at least one witness can deliver testimony.

“The law in most states specifically says that a case can be established beyond a reasonable doubt based on the testimony of one witness. However, I would think most prosecutors would prefer to have corroborating evidence (testimonial, physical, circumstantial, or direct) to support a victim’s testimony,” Anderson said.

More on this story via The Daily Caller:

If no victims are able to testify, prosecutors can pursue a case based on other primary source evidence and witness testimony, Anderson noted. Prosecutors can also pursue related charges based on organized crime statutes and money laundering if victims are too traumatized and fearful to give credible testimony. CONTINUE READING…

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