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‘The Five’ Descends Into Chaos Over Discussion Over Liberals’ Favorite Issue

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The panel on Fox News’ “The Five” descended into pandemonium following co-host Jessica Tarlov’s assertion that it is respectful to use the correct pronouns when discussing transgender people.

Riley Gaines, a former adversary of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas who made headlines for opposing biological male athletes competing in women’s sports, was the initial topic of discussion on the panel.

According to Tarlov, the lone Democrat on the panel in that episode, there is a “tremendous spike in attacks and violent crime targeted at transgender people because that’s something that’s going on all across the country.”

“It is important to treat people with dignity and respect when you are using or when you are talking about these issues. And part of that is using the correct pronouns,” Tarlov insisted.

Katie Pavlich responded to Tarlov’s ridiculous assertion with a resounding “No,” which was echoed by fellow panelist, Joey Jones. Tarlov immediately defended her point of view by respond to Pavlich with, “Yes, it is. It doesn’t hurt you at all to call Lia Thomas–”

Tarlov was promptly disrupted by her co-host Greg Gutfeld, who did not take seriously what he believed to be a nonsensical assertion by Tarlov, namely that she does not have the authority to dictate how others should address her.

“It makes me a liar,” insisted Jones.

“Don’t compel my language. Do not–you have no right to compel me to say anything. That’s the beauty of this world,” Gutfeld added.

The other panelists supported Tarlov’s right to express and hold her opinions, but did not believe that others should be forced to concur. After this, the conversation continued.

“On the feminism issue though, women in general and feminists… are all supportive of trans people and trans rights. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we are immune to understanding the competitive aspect of what this is on the college level, the high school level, and beyond…” Tarlov asserted.

Jones attempted to take a commercial break, but Gutfeld again interrupted him.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“There’s a trend in Jessica’s defense when she talked about the homeless and trans, that when you make a criticism, you then connect it to attacks against these groups. We should be able to criticize anything and not be blamed for a rise and attacks against trans. Trans are maybe a tenth of a percent of the population. You have to work really hard to go seek one out,” Gutfeld said.

Pushing back, Tarlov said, “To that point then, whenever we talk about gun violence and people point out that more white people are killed by cops than Black people are. That’s an important part of the conversation that you would bring up.” CONTINUE READING…

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