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The Great Reset Is Almost Here – Are You Prepared?

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Consider for a moment a future in which everything we presently know about economic survival and operation is fundamentally altered. As a consequence of the complete digitalization of the world, people now live in a society where contactless transactions are either prohibited or discouraged and CBDCs have replaced them. All transactions are now monitored and traceable, so there is no longer any privacy unless you are a lawbreaker operating in a clandestine market.

In addition, the government suppresses and micromanages all categories of industry openly. Small businesses are obsolete, and the only ones permitted to exist are a handful of massive corporations that work closely with the government.

Not only is currency unlawful and everyone is required to use a digital ledger, but the government also controls the data networks and conduits we use to transmit money, which serve as the plumbing for the entire global financial system. Similar to the SWIFT data network, the globalists have the ability to encrypt personal and business accounts. Restrict the proprietors’ complete access to their funds.

Monitoring systems powered by artificial intelligence are currently filtering through billions of transactions per minute in quest of “anomalies.” The algorithm is designed to identify anyone seeking anonymity.

Even though it still exists, the internet is a mere shadow of its former self. People utilize it frequently to complete assigned duties and access authorized research databases. Data suppliers confront significant censorship. Since the AI watchdog will promptly detect any attempt to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies, they are not a replacement for CBDCs.

There are stringent restrictions on what websites can say and do, and only those with government approval are permitted to operate. Globalists control the parameters of the AI chatbots that provide the majority of the data used by the general population. Only the information the authorities wish for the public to know is ever presented. All contradictory information is eliminated. It is merely removed from the record until those who remember it are no longer alive, so it is not technically prohibited.

It may sound like science fiction, but the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) are currently evaluating every aspect of this technology.

Recently, during the Covid pandemic hysteria, organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) began publicly endorsing the Great Reset theory. It is conceivable that a new economic paradigm, a revolution in which AI controls everything, humans are restricted to a small number of “vital” government-provided jobs, and a new form of technological socialism govern our lives.

There would be a disregard for private property. In a “shared economy,” in which everything is borrowed daily from the common system, no one possesses anything, and people subsist from day to day, private property does not exist. The majority of individuals lack the ability to accumulate or retain capital. There is no plan in place to address future requirements or emergencies. You are on the agenda of the state, citizen!

In practice, individuals cease to be active participants in their own lives. Instead, they are all ruled by distant, technologically advanced, tower-dwelling overlords.

The Great Reset, or “Fourth Industrial Revolution” as it is commonly referred to, would be accompanied by the commencement of a brand-new, horrifying era of feudalism. It signifies a return to servitude and the paradigm of oligarch and peasant. The average person would never be permitted to work to save money for the future; they would be permitted to work only to subsist.

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A global digital currency system would be the main entry point to this dystopian nightmare. The globalists wouldn’t be able to impose the other aspects of their Reset without a cashless society.

However, when and how will they put this abomination into practice, and why would anyone support it? CONTINUE READING…

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