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The Media Just Destroyed Its Own Narrative About the TX Mall Shooter

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The weekend massacre in Allen, Texas was dreadful. The ages of the eight victims range from 5 to 61 years old. The images are simply too disturbing to display. You are free to search at your leisure, but beware: the outcomes are appalling. The liberal media are already salivating over this incident because the weapon was reportedly an AR-15 rifle.

Mauricio Garcia, a non-white white supremacist, was subsequently identified as the gunman, a revelation that should humiliate the mainstream media. Simply put, it is false. A person of color cannot be a Nazi in any form. The manner in which these individuals classify membership based on race is quite stringent. However, that is not what makes this development unique. It is how the media used their own content to disprove the veracity of the story.

Twitchy was the first to report on the Washington Post’s hasty inference that the assassin, Mauricio Garcia, “had white supremacist beliefs.”

A gruesome video shows the gunman deceased on the ground, clad in tactical gear, covered in blood, and holding a firearm. This portion of the incident could not be independently confirmed, prompting The Washington Post to report it cautiously while promoting the alleged neo-Nazi connections as fact.

The Washington Post published:

The 33-year-old gunman who opened fire on an outlet mall in a Dallas suburb Saturday, killing at least eight people, had an apparent fascination with white supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs that are now being examined by investigators as a possible motive for the attack, people familiar with the investigation said Sunday.

Mauricio Garcia, a local resident, had multiple weapons on him and five additional guns in his car nearby, said people familiar with the investigation who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing probe.

Authorities have not released a motive, but a patch on his chest said “RWDS,” an acronym that stands for Right Wing Death Squad, according to people familiar with the investigation. The phrase is popular among right wing extremists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists, they said, and while there is still a great deal of evidence to analyze and authorities have not reached any conclusions yet, investigators are approaching the shooting as a possible hate crime.

It’s awful that the liberal media only wants white men to be serial murderers. In 2018, in Nashville, Tennessee, a transgender person killed six people at a private Christian school, lending new vitality to a story that had been a myth for decades. The media abruptly ceased coverage of the incident. Conservatives are justified in calling out the liberal media for spreading a false narrative that Garcia is a non-white Nazi, so this campaign may continue for some time. Nonetheless, we are all cognizant of the outcome. Certain liberal organizations may promote the standard anti-gun talking points while scattering CNN and MSNBC segments about how neo-Nazis are everywhere when they aren’t for a while, but they will ultimately move on. When such events cannot be used as political instruments, they are typically used as such.

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