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The News out of the Georgia Senate Runoff Isn’t Good

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The first non-poll indicators of how the Georgia Senate runoff is proceeding are not encouraging for the Republicans. According to the state, a new record for early voting has been set, which normally indicates a disproportionately large participation of Democrats.

The race between Republican nominee Herschel Walker, and Senator Raphael Warnock is breaking grounds on single-day voting records. More than a million votes have already been cast in the Georgia senate runoff as Walker and Warnock continue to make their final pitches to swing voters to get-out-the-early-vote until it ends on Friday.

Unfortunately, this is precisely what I anticipated would occur, not because I’m particularly intelligent, but because it was quite predicted that Republican excitement would wane as soon as this election no longer determined the balance of power. Democrats recaptured the Senate weeks ago due to a variety of factors, including candidate quality and voter mobilization methods, so the fight between Republican Herschel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock is far less consequential than it once was.

However, the outcome still matters. The difference between a 50/50 US Senate and a 51/49 Senate is whether Democrats dominate the committees or if they are evenly divided. In a situation where the parties are equally divided, the Republicans maintain some authority over matters such as judicial appointments. It is arguable how much this matters when Lindsey Graham continues to rubber-stamp Biden appointees, but it is nevertheless significant in the grand scheme of things.

However, while I can discuss this all day on this website, it is a different task to get the typical voter to grasp this concept. The fact that Walker is a singularly bad candidate embroiled in controversy after scandal diminishes the reality that his opponent is similarly scandal-ridden.

Then there are the early voting campaigns occurring in Georgia. Black churches are flagrantly breaking the law by endorsing and campaigning for Warnock from their pulpits. “Souls to the Polls” efforts likewise strain the bounds of electioneering, yet remain common.

In contrast, I’m uncertain whether Republicans have equivalent initiatives. Heck, I haven’t even heard of any significant Walker campaign events. Is he simply attempting to coast in?

This does not bode well for Walker and the GOP. Not unless there has been a structural shift in who is coming up to vote early, and I’m not convinced that’s the case. Had Republicans, even those who think themselves leaders of the party, been pushing early and mail-in voting the previous month, I’d have greater trust things have changed.

All Georgians can do is show up to vote and hope that the early voting numbers do not indicate an advantage. Not only might this contest determine the committees’ power structure, but it could also determine who controls the country in 2024. You should never give up a seat in a crowded atmosphere.

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