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The One Thing Missing From Media ‘Reports’ on FBI Search of Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Home

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As RedState reported yesterday, President Joe Biden’s attorney Bob Bauer said in a statement Wednesday morning that the Biden Dept. of Justice was conducting a search for sensitive materials at his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware residence.

“Today, with the President’s full support and cooperation, the DOJ is conducting a planned search of his home in Rehoboth, Delaware,” Bauer wrote. “Under DOJ’s standard procedures, in the interests of operational security and integrity, it sought to do this work without advance public notice, and we agreed to cooperate.”

He also added that “The search today is a further step in a thorough and timely DOJ process we will continue to fully support and facilitate. We will have further information at the conclusion of today’s search.”

Already, questions are being raised as to why the public is being made aware of this search – which includes the FBI – from the president’s attorney versus, say, the DOJ or more importantly the mainstream media, whose responsibility it is to learn of these things in advance from their sources and have teams on standby for live reports/photos as they apparently did when former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI last August, and as they did when Trump associate Roger Stone’s home was raided by the FBI in January 2019 in full view of CNN cameras in the wee hours of the morning – complete with a SWAT team, automatic weapons, and a perp walk.

Here’s a little flashback:

But as far as what’s transpired today is concerned, all the stories I’ve seen filed so far are far away from Biden’s beach home:

Others, like former Trump interim Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, have observed this. CONTINUE READING…

SourceRed State

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