The True Christmas Spirit: President Trump Sends Christmas Presents to Seven Year-Old Girl Injured in Kentucky Tornado

Thank God we have President Trump still active and aiming to make America great once again.

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President Trump and his wife Melania sent Christmas gifts to a little girl who was badly injured in a tornado.

“The tornado ripped through the little girl’s home two weeks ago, injuring her and tragically taking the life of her older sister,” local reports stated. “Seven-year-old Avalinn Rackley was filmed by her grandmother opening presents from the Trumps. She was very enthusiastic about the heart-warming gesture from the Trumps, which came along with a personal letter:

“We are so encouraged by the strength and determination you have shown during this very difficult time. You will remain in our hearts for complete care and comfort as you continue to recover,” the letter read.

“With your steadfast spirit, and the unwavering strength and support of your wonderful family and many friends, your future potential is limitless.”

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