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‘The View’ Co-Host Makes Sick Comment on Melania and Donald Trump’s Marriage

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There are aspects of former President Donald Trump that lend themselves to criticism.

To be clear, Trump would still be a much superior president compared to the current moron in office, but facts are facts. Nobody is flawless.

Nonetheless, there are certain topics that should be off-limits while assaulting Trump, such as his wife, his small child, and his marriage.

It should be intuitive.

The screeching harpies that nest on “The View” have repeatedly demonstrated that common sense is not the daytime talk show’s forte.

The latest episode on “The View” began, as it so frequently does, with the despicable Joy Behar questioning aloud why Melania Trump would choose to remain married to Donald.

These vile remarks were made in the context of “The View’s” hyperpartisan analysis of Trump’s current legal difficulties involving former porn star Stormy Daniels and alleged hush money payments made to her.

You can watch their take below:

“Why is Melania still there [with Trump]?” Behar asked. “I’m wondering about that.”

“I’m sure she gets… never mind,” co-host Sara Haines quipped.

“There have been allegations,” another co-host said, before they all began talking over each other.

Haines then elaborated on the direction of her half-baked notion.

“There could be monies in exchange,” Haines said. “Deals made.”

What? So, does Haines suggest that Melania Trump is selling her relationship to the highest bidder? Or that the previous first lady was paid to reside in the White House. Haines cannot be so filthy as to insinuate that little Barron Trump is the outcome of a commercial transaction.

An bizarrely successful show on a major broadcasting network publicly asserts that the former president of the United States has a glorified escort for a wife, lest anybody fail to recognize how absurd this situation is.

It’s a pitiful and terrible line of attack that the far left (and yes, this includes “The View,” regardless of who they send in to replace the last token conservative) is eager to pursue.

Also, there is a horrible double standard.

Imagine if Melania ever attacked the marriages of Haines or co-host Sunny Hostin in public. She would be vilified by the media, or at least more so than she is already.

But because the offending comments came from a protected class in America (leftists), nary will an outcry be made.

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