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Thermal Drone Footage Shows Army Of Illegals Entering U.S

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An invasion of foreigners is occurring at our southern border, and Democrat leadership is now on record as encouraging the massive migration of the world’s poor and troubled to enter our country, live for free off American citizens, and displace us by receiving handouts from our taxpayer-funded institutions.

While just a tiny number of reporters have the courage to report on the intricacies of the Democrats’ final betrayal of the American people, the public is slowly learning that the country is in grave danger.

Fox News recently showed video recorded by a thermal drone of an army of illegal immigrants entering the United States at Eagle Pass, Texas, with the reporter who acquired the film stating that this occurs “every morning.”

The footage depicts dozens of migrants preparing to cross into the United States at night.

Midnight footage of the invasion coincides with Democrat Chuck Schumer’s plea for open borders and amnesty for the illegal immigrants who had just broken into the United States.

Watch what Schumer says about Amnesty on Wednesday:

On Thursday then:

Bill Melugin, a correspondent for Fox News, tweeted the video and noted that there had been over 1,400 border crossings in the Del Rio area alone in the previous 24 hours, and close to 70,000 since the beginning of the month.

“NEW: Thermal drone video from our team in Eagle Pass, TX shows a large group of migrants crossing illegally into private property early this morning.
Per CBP source, there have been over 1,400 illegal crossings in the Del Rio sector in the last 24 hours & 69,000 since 10/1,” Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) posted on Twitter on November 17, 2022.

Paul Watson reported on the clip for The Summit News, providing frightening facts about the enormous invasion and its repercussions:

Texas GOP ~Senator Ted Cruz commented on the footage, noting that “5,000,000 illegal aliens have crossed the border since Joe Biden was elected.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“5,000,000 illegal aliens have crossed the border since Joe Biden was elected.

Over 230,000 illegal aliens crossed last month alone.

And STILL Joe Biden doesn’t secure the border,” Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) posted on November 17, 2022 in response to the video footage.

Last week, similar footage captured migrants streaming into Eagle Pass basically unimpeded. CONTINUE READING…

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