These Are The Docs Pfizer Definitely Didn’t Want You To See!

“Nobody is going to trust these people ever again.”

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It’s not like we were ever going to trust them, especially with our precious health and lives, right?

While the Americans continue to push against the COVID-19 mandates and protocols that did nothing but cause financial ruin, it appears the Biden administration, Democrats, and even Pfizer are moving forward with their war against the coronavirus.

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Not only did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi call for $45 billion in COVID-19 aid, but the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday authorized both Pfizer and Moderna to start administering a fourth dose to people over 50.

While discussing why is was so important to get the jab, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla stated, “The decision not to vaccinate will not affect only your health or your life. Unfortunately it will affect the lives of others, and likely the lives of the people you love the most, which are the people that usually you are in contact with.”

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On top of Bourla’s words, Ingraham noted the documents Pfizer tried to seal for 75 years which was denied by a judge.

“First, Pfizer’s own trials showed that those who were previously infected, were protected from severe disease who else told you that two years ago, in other words, natural immunity was known to these vaccine makers, and still remain taboo to discuss Secondly, and perhaps more alarming, given what we just heard from Pfizer CEO, the vaccine was actually increasing the chances that you got COVID in the seven days, following the inoculation.”