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Threat At Local Steve Bannon Event Ends In Crash Into Sewage Tank

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Steve Bannon, a leading political strategist for the America First movement, has been targeted by anti-American political opponents. According to local Ohio news, he was the target of a potential mass shooting this week.

Bannon and his crew had evidently angered two social justice extremists, who threatened to go on a killing spree and damage many more innocent people, claiming they would conduct crimes that would certainly result in death.

Only one day after a horrific massacre at a Christian school, Bannon and his allies received death threats. A young transgender social justice activist with serious mental illness fatally shot six individuals.

John Fredricks and Real America’s Voice morning programs, including Steve Bannon’s War Room and Ed Henry and Karen Turk’s morning programs, filmed live from East Palestine, Ohio, on Tuesday and Wednesday to give a voice to the forgotten men and women of the region, who have been pleading for federal assistance since an environmental disaster there in early February.

Their series was titled “Abandoned” because, with the exception of President Donald J. Trump, who called in to speak live on Wednesday, no officials cared about what was happening there.

That was Trump’s second venture into East Palestine, which he had previously been in February with trucks of clean water for the locals, providing spiritual and emotional support to a very distressed neighborhood.



Bannon’s War Room is the premier podcast for political activity.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, he addressed the Ohio families and residents who have been forgotten and who are enduring days of bewilderment, frustration, and loss after their neighborhood was destroyed.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Many of his guests described their injuries and illnesses since the disaster. Then, real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam explained his investigations into the bizarre chemical leaks from the river and creek beds.

Reports from a pollster, Rasmussen Reports, were released on Tuesday that showed the significant concerns in the area, with 71% of voters who said they had “quality concerns’ about the water there, reposing Bergquam’s reporting about the water beds, as well. CONTINUE READING…

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