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Three More Legal Bombshells For Donald Trump “Over The Next Few Weeks” In Leaked Texts

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As former President Donald Trump prepares to address the resurrected New York financial charges, the investigation into the information discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop simmers in the background. The out-of-court settlement with accuser Stormy Daniels was previously finalized, and Trump has repeatedly asserted his innocence.

But the facts surrounding Biden’s information are expanding like a mushroom cloud as time passes. It appears that Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden’s attorney, has been in contact with a “researcher” at the conservative think tank Marco Polo.

Morris filed a lawsuit against Marco Polo and its founder, former Trump White House staffer Garrett Ziegler, in a Los Angeles court last week for alleged harassment, invasion of privacy, and “criminal impersonation” in relation to the organization’s investigation into Hunter’s abandoned laptop and alleged Biden family corruption.

During acrimonious text exchanges, Hunter Biden’s attorney predicted that there will be “three more” arrests of Donald Trump and questioned what the First Son’s legal team knows about the prosecution’s plans against the former president.

The Daily Mail reports:

The Marco Polo self-described “researcher”, texting Morris under a pseudonym, attempted to rile up the multi-millionaire lawyer by taunting him with texts about his family and information from Marco Polo’s 645-page report on Hunter’s laptop and the First Son’s shady dealings with the Chinese, Ukrainians and other foreign businessmen.

Morris shot back, in Signal app messages from March 30 obtained by DailyMail.com, writing: “I love when you just keep talking. Don’t worry if you missed the Trump news. There’ll be 3 more over the next few weeks.”

In another exchange on April 4, the anonymous provocateur texted Morris: “Not everyday you get to arrest your political rival,” and the attorney replied: “Imagine 4 of them.”

The texts raise questions over what Hunter’s legal team know about potential plans by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and other law enforcement agencies in potential cases against Trump or his associates.

There is no doubt that the comments refer to additional problems for Trump. There could be a Fulton County, Georgia investigation into election interference, a review of how Trump handled sensitive government documents found at his Mar-a-Lago estate, and a special counsel investigation into Trump’s alleged role in the January 6, 2021 riots at the Capitol, all of which have thus far gone nowhere.

Daily Mail continues:

Morris also claimed in texts attached as an exhibit to his legal complaint, that he had a team of ‘8 lawyers with 10+ years as AUSA’s in SDNY,’ – referring to Assistant US Attorneys in the Southern District of New York.

“We have 8 SDNY prosecutors on our team. All this took was a phone call. 8 lawyers with 10+ years as AUSA’s in SDNY,’ he wrote. ‘Everything you put on social media is being monitored by 3-4 law enforcement agendas.”

Morris also claimed to be working with the FBI reporting alleged harassment by Marco Polo in text messages sent to the group in June last year.

“Any and all texts go automatically to SDNY and NYV and WDC FBI you f***ing moron,” the lawyer wrote. “You like to scare people? You like showing personal information? Beating up on girls? And every time one of you morons responds to Garret’s texts asking for help the FBI has recorded it.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The researcher told DailyMail.com they started texting with Morris of their own accord, but later forwarded the expletive-ridden, sparring conversations with Morris to Marco Polo. CONTINUE READING…

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