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‘Today’ Show Issues Murky Update After Co-Anchor Hoda Kotb Disappears from the Air

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Wednesday, “Today” hosts issued a cryptic response to concerns concerning the condition of anchor Hoda Kotb, who last appeared on the show on February 17.

The abrupt departure of anchor Savannah Guthrie, who tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, sparked inquiries about Hoda Kotb.

The show’s website set the tone for Wednesday’s broadcast by stating that Kotb was dealing with a “family health matter.”

It was the first time that either the show or the network acknowledged Kotb’s absence.

Wednesday, host Craig Melvin addressed both absences, stating that Guthrie was “at home after a positive COVID test yesterday. We are wishing our friend a speedy recovery.”

“As for Hoda, we know a lot of you have been wondering how she’s doing. We can tell you that Hoda’s OK. She’s got a family health matter that she has been dealing with, so we look forward to seeing Hoda and Savannah back here at the desk very, very soon,” he said.

“We love you both,” co-host Al Roker added.

“Today” host Jenna Bush Hager kept to the script, Page Six noted.

“Willie [Geist] is in for Hoda, and we just want to let you all know that we heard you, and Hoda is OK,” Hager said.

“She just has a family health matter she is dealing with,” she said.

Kotb has posted frequently on Instagram, but she has not commented on her absence from “Today.”

This is Guthrie’s third COVID-19 infection. The initial diagnosis was made in January of 2022, followed by a second positive test in May.

“Today” reports that Guthrie has been vaccinated and boosted.

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