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Top 5 Biden Gaffes of 2022 That Show His Mental Decline Is Only Getting Worse

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In recent years, the Democratic Party has turned a new corner, and it has become increasingly apparent that its officials do not necessarily need their full mental powers to be respected.

If we weren’t discussing our fumbling Commander-in-Chief, we might examine John Fetterman’s promotion to Pennsylvania senator.

As you are aware, Fetterman is incapable of producing comprehensible sentences.

It would appear that the capacity to speak coherently and display complete cognitive processes is no longer a need for socialist leaders.

But Fetterman is late to the game, following in the footsteps of former Senator Joe Biden, our current president, who for eons has been unable to reach the conclusion of a speech without having made multiple diction errors.

Biden has a reputation for being aggressive with anyone who criticizes his agenda, even constituents.

As time has passed and the entire reality of that goal has become apparent, the number of detractors has progressively increased. At the time this article was written, about 60 percent of Americans disapprove of the president’s performance. And a portion of that may be due to his public speaking.

Most recently, this month, Biden struggled to get out an unknown word, possibly “apoplectic” in a stand-off with a reporter who was asking a relatively routine question.

In early fall, Biden’s scary senior moment had him searching a crowd for a GOP congresswoman who’d passed away.

Even if we accepted this was an honest error — in some way – the episode displayed the intelligence of the most powerful political leader in the world.

In September, Biden stumbled over the phrase “reduce the deficit” and spoke something similar to “rededudenedefet” as a result of his diminished mental capacity.

It may be polite to ignore such glaring speech faults, but it would be hypocritical for liberals to expect the same.

It is impossible to overlook the beginnings of the “stable genius” image surrounding President Trump, who rarely made as many linguistic or navigational errors as Biden.

Indeed, we can only assume that if Trump had ever acted in any way similar to Biden, our liberal left-leaning pals would launch the most vicious ableist campaign against him in an attempt to remove him.

We don’t necessarily believe that age or ability should prohibit the guy from doing his duties, but we do question if it’s too much to expect our president to be able to hold a conversation.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but shouldn’t we also expect our leaders to be more eloquent than the rest of us, as opposed to Biden’s recent use of high school terminology like “kleptocracy”?

Other times, he just loses contact with reality, misremembers or misinterprets events in an extreme manner, and has no problem communicating what he believes at the time, as we witnessed when he stated that his son Beau had died in Iraq.

The increasing frequency of such occurrences is, of course, reason for concern, with the prospect of Vice President Kamala Harris taking over perhaps upsetting some conservatives more than anything Biden could do or say.

To be fair, Biden and other contemporary political leaders are scrutinized in a way that previous leaders were not. We debate how far some leaders would have gotten in the polls if certain facts were known about them or if their every move had been captured on tape.

Regardless, as a society, we must establish minimum requirements for our leaders. While these individuals should reflect us in general, they should also be able to perform at the same or greater level as us. As the aforementioned gaffes have demonstrated, Joe Biden progressively demonstrates the reverse of this.

Republicans now have the authority to investigate the many components of the regime, despite the fact that the country failed to establish a suitable alternative to Biden in the November election. Investigating Biden’s health is not out of the question, but it may take a back seat to some criminal implications brought up by Hunter Biden.

Regardless of what occurs, the American people deserve more than this. Whether it’s John Fetterman, who will essentially act as a party puppet, or Joe Biden, the self-proclaimed leader of the free world, we as a nation should not be subject to the caprices of individuals who are incapable of making sound judgments. If there was ever a moment to explore some changes to our electoral system, such as establishing health checks for aspiring public officials, it would be now, when the deteriorating faculties of certain sycophantic males are destroying our institutions and bankrupting our country.

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