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Top Dem Bows Out of Party After Getting Rude Awakening About How Party Treats Black Voters

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Another influential Democrat has left the Democratic Party.

Mia McLeod, who campaigned unsuccessfully for governor of South Carolina last year, stated that she was leaving the party “because it no longer espouses the values my constituents and I hold dear.”

McLeod stated in an email to supporters on Tuesday morning that she reached the decision after “seven months of prayer and reflection,” presumably since finishing second in the June 14 gubernatorial primary. She was the state’s first black candidate for governor, according to The Columbia State.

McLeod stated that her parents had educated her to support people whose “visions and values” most closely aligned with her own, and that this worldview had frequently compelled her to oppose the Democratic Party.

“[I]t hurts to admit how often I’ve had to fight my own party, just to help my own people,” she wrote.

“By not engaging, enlightening or expanding the electorate … refusing to publicize the June Primary and getting a historical top of the ticket ‘shellacking’ on November 8, the party ensured a republican super-majority and the losses of eight black legislators in the SC House, five of whom were black women,” she explained. “Yet, a recent SCDP fundraising email acknowledges, ‘Black voters are the backbone of our party …’ which makes me cringe because I’ve experienced first-hand how the party treats black voters and black women who run statewide.”

McLeod’s declaration did not specify whether she would seek to join the Republicans or a third party; nevertheless, the closing paragraph of her email may give a hint as to her political affiliation.

“This is a new year,” she wrote. “It’s time for a new direction. So, with unprecedented clarity and perspective, I’ll continue to move forward in faith … boldly, fearlessly and yes … independently — always eager to work with any person or party that prioritizes our people … ever mindful of who and whose I am and why God has placed me in this space, ‘for such a time as this …’” (emphasis original).

The choice of bold font to highlight “independently” may indicate that McLeod intends to stay politically unattached, at least for the time being.

Former U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard also announced in October that she would be quitting the Democratic Party. Two months later, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema followed suit. Neither lady is associated with a political party at the present time, although Sinema continues to caucus with the Democrats.

The text of the email McLeod sent to supporters on Tuesday is reproduced in its original version below:

New Year, New Direction!

After two long years of campaigning…I took some much-needed time to pray, rest, reflect and recharge. And although I wasn’t the SC Democratic Party’s (SCDP’s) gubernatorial nominee, I’m truly grateful to all of you who supported me…and those of you who didn’t. I mean that sincerely, because I trust God’s Plan for my life. CONTINUE READING…

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