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Top Democrat Pitches Insane Migrant Idea

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It’s hard to think that anyone would want an open border when the huge number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border keeps putting too much pressure on southern states and the states that take them in.

States that said they would be “sanctuaries” for these migrants, like New York, are now overrun with them. As expected, at least one Democrat now wants the whole country to pay for this huge wave of migrants, even states that said they would not accept them.

West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin is from a red state where most people are conservative. He has stood up for conservative principles in the past, which is typical of the people he serves.

But since 2022, he has become more and more in line with Biden’s leftist plans. A lot of people have thought about what will happen to him in the Senate next year, when he runs for re-election. Many people think that his move to the left won’t help him in West Virginia, which is a red state.

Not long ago, he said something about the growing border problem. Sen. Manchin, who is from a red state, didn’t seem to support deporting these people who crossed the line, which is strange. Instead, he wants the whole country to support the invasion, even if people in states that have been protesting the wave of illegal immigrants don’t want to.

From Breitbart:

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) argued that the federal government shouldn’t be responsible for every migrant in the country and “Every state should be bidding” on taking migrants and then they’d “be responsible to make sure they’re acclimated to our way of life.”

PJ Newslatter states:

Sen. Manchin appeared to be encouraging what some have called the “replacement” conspiracy theory. At first, he seemed to be complaining about illegal entrants stepping onto American soil and receiving government handouts.

But his answer is likely to make a lot of Americans angry. He said that every country should “bid” on taking in refugees. He said that West Virginia farms need people to pick the fruit. Manchin doesn’t want farms to hire Americans; instead, he wants people from other countries to do it.

Businesses have used foreign workers for decades so they can pay them less than American workers. The Democrats have pretty much said that they want to bring in more immigrants to do these jobs.

It looks like Manchin wants all 50 states to help pay for the 3 million people who have come into the country illegally since Biden took office. Not until blue states like New York were full of newcomers did he say this.

The Senate didn’t seem to support this when Texas was the only state with a lot of newcomers.

Manchin said on the show, “Every state should be bidding on, we can take 50,000 workers in West Virginia, I’m just saying hypothetically, and then you’re going to be responsible to make sure they’re acclimated to our way of life.”

So Manchin thinks we should ignore the fact that the newcomers should be hired for low-paying jobs and the legalities of their coming into the country.

He also says that the state that hires the workers should be responsible for the refugees who get low-paying jobs like picking and end up in the social service system. Then, those states would be in charge of giving refugees the social services they need.

It’s interesting to note that because of his restrictions on immigration, former President Donald Trump’s policies caused American pay to hit all-time highs. At that time, businesses were told to hire Americans and pay them well because they couldn’t get cheap work from immigrants.

Different words are used to talk about people crossing the border, such as “immigrants,” “migrants,” and “refugees.” But because of the strict rules that apply to legally entering the United States, the huge rise in numbers is likely due to people walking or swimming across parts of the border that are not being watched.

People crossing the country illegally have sped up a lot since Biden took office. The most recent numbers from Customs and Border Protection show that a huge 2.7 million people had “encounters with authorities” (came into the country illegally) in 2022. That number has since gone up to 2.8 million so far in 2023, and it’s still going up.

People are moving there from South America, the Caribbean, and even China. Some are going from close by countries like Mexico in Central America.

The fact that fentanyl and children have been found and seized so many times shows that crime is a big part of the flow, if not the only part.

The flow was stopped by former President Trump’s wall and other border initiatives. But the current Biden government has done nothing about the border problem, and it looks like jobs will be given to migrants instead of U.S. citizens.

The 2024 election is coming up, and Trump has a huge lead over the other candidates. It’s interesting to note that these people will vote after they finish working in the U.S.

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