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Top Fox News Host Flamed For What He Said About Trump

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Geraldo Rivera, a left-leaning media figure and Fox News contributor, received additional social media backlash for a Wednesday post that criticized a portion of the CNN town hall convened by former President Donald Trump.

Rising network sensation and co-host of the morning program Kaitlin Collins moderated the event. Rivera’s criticism of Trump stemmed from a remark he made about Collins during the event, when she contested one of his points.

Trump’s response, “You’re a nasty person,” was met with mirth and acclaim from New Hampshire’s receptive audience.

In response to Trump’s name-calling of Collins, Rivera tweeted, “I’ve liked President Trump over the decades through thick and thin, even after I pledged never again to support him after January 6th. But when he called Kaitlan Collins ‘nasty’ I felt like spitting. It was so unmanly.”

Several Twitter users responded to Rivera’s statement with comments.

Collins, 31 years old, will take over the 9 PM ET primetime role previously occupied by Chris Cuomo before he was fired, CNN CEO Chris Licht was about to announce following the town hall.

“CNN, which has endured some of the worst ratings in its history under Zaz’s hand-picked C.E.O., Chris Licht, is now poised for a brief taste of the same power and influence that it enjoyed in the old days. And it will achieve that massive audience, of course, via the very same mechanism that fueled the Zucker years: Donald Trump,” according to Puck News.

Collins’ new position was announced after some individuals deemed the Trump event to be “disastrous.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

CNN spokesperson pushed back against the criticism of Collins’ promotion, in a statement made to Mediaite: “Tonight, Kaitlan Collins exemplified what it means to be a world-class journalist. She asked tough, fair, and revealing questions. And she followed up and fact-checked President Trump in real time to arm voters with crucial information about his positions as he enters the 2024 election as the Republican frontrunner. That is CNN’s role and responsibility: to get answers and hold the powerful to account.” CONTINUE READING…

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