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Top Polling Expert Drops A Bomb On Joe The Day Before Midterm Elections

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A day before the midterm elections, conservative commentators are openly criticizing Democrats. The outrage is spurred by the rising support for conservative politicians and the transfer of many Americans from Democratic to Republican support in the polls.

The New York Times reported last month that “Republicans Gain Edge as Voters Worry About Economy,” and a Quinnipiac poll released last week indicated that “Republicans Have Edge In Enthusiasm To Vote.” This week, Five Thirty-Eight says that many contests are extremely close.

Commentator Wayne Dupree has this to say:

There are two pollsters who I truly believe are the best in the business, one is Trafalgar, and the other is Richard Baris of “People’s Pundit.” Both of these guys are conservatives, but they never sugarcoat anything. I have seen a lot of Trafalgar polls that make me feel sad. These two are not putting out polls to get clicks or make us feel “fake happy,” for a while. They’re putting out polls that they believe in. This is why both are so accurate all the time.

Therefore, when one of them says something, whether positive or negative, I pay attention. In addition, pollster Richard Baris spoke on War Room, where he made an astounding prediction.

Baris joined Steve Bannon, who fights the left tooth and nail on his wildly successful daily program. In fact, I noticed this Bannon comment this morning, and I’d want to share it with you. Steve stated the following to the extreme Democrats:

“I am 100 percent focused on one thing: your total and complete destruction…From school boards, all the way up. You’re unworthy to represent the American people.”

Dupree remarks on Bannon’s words and prediction by Richard Baris:

Amen. Have truer words ever been spoken? So, back to Richard Baris and his prediction, which actually ties in very neatly and nicely with Bannon’s message to radical Dems. Richard Baris is now predicting that we’re about to see the largest voter shift in US election history. I believe Baris. I don’t think Dems can cheat their way out of what’s coming for them. I think much of this red wave will be “revenge” for what they did in 2020. CONTINUE READING…

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