Tragic News From Fox About Popular Contributor

Chicago is a city that is known for its gang warfare and deaths by the hand of another person.

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Chicago is also known for its strict gun laws.

The gun laws in Chicago are known for being extremely ineffective since despite those strict laws shootings are still occurring.

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In 2019, for instance, Chicago implemented even more gun restrictions pertaining to the waiting period to purchase a rifle, obtaining a Firearm Owner Identification Card, and the Firearms Restraining Order Act.

Recently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been in the news for referring to Chicago’s gun laws in a nationally televised news conference saying, ” I We need to realize that people who think that ‘well, maybe if we could just implement tougher gun laws, it’s going to solve it. Chicago and AS and New York disprove that thesis, And so, if you’re looking for a real solution, Chicago teaches that what you’re talking about if not a real solution.”

Abbott’s statements have been attacked by liberals, but the problem is obviously not solved by the stricter gun laws.

Sadly, murders are still taking place and the innocent are caught in the fray.

Fox News reported that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) said Friday that one 18-year-old female victim with a gunshot wound to the torso was pronounced dead at the scene of a shooting on the 11400 block of S. Vincennes Ave.

A second male victim, 31, was listed in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the torso as of Saturday morning.

Additionally, a female victim, 25, was at the scene of the shooting with the two male victims and sustained a gunshot wound to the leg. She remains in “fair” condition, according to CPD.

An unidentified male offender entered a black sedan and fled the scene eastbound after the shooting, according to CPD.

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It is unclear if there are any other suspects. CPD could not share any further information, as detectives are actively investigating the incident, fox News continued.

Another shooting in Chicago, but this time a victim of the shooting is a family member of a reporter, and that family member is determined to find the answers as to how his relative was murdered.

One of the victims was Christian Caldwell, brother of Fox News contributor Gianno Caldwell.

Caldwell is looking for answers after his 18-year-old brother was fatally shot in Chicago on Friday.

“What I’m looking for right now is details from the police to discover who it was that murdered my brother,” Caldwell, a Chicago native, told Fox News Digital. “[M]y baby brother never had a chance.”

When asked if he had a message for the perpetrators involved in his brother’s death, the Fox analyst said he wants them to “turn themselves in” and be “brought to justice” but added that he also hopes “they can be rehabilitated.”

“Then one day, whenever they’re out of jail — if it’s not for life — maybe they can turn their lives around and give hope to other young men if there is any hope of rehabilitating them,” Caldwell said. “I would never want to see any street justice or violence against the people who even murdered my little brother. But I do want them brought to justice. And, as a Christian who believes in forgiveness, who believes that there is a second path for people who could do something like this, all I want from my little brother, Christian, is justice. That’s it.”

Caldwell and his brother were two of nine siblings who grew up “really, really poor.” Their mother became addicted to crack cocaine, and Caldwell and his siblings were eventually placed in the custody of his grandmother while his mother attended rehab.

Christian was the youngest of the nine siblings and had just turned 18 this year, Caldwell explained.

“I was like his dad because he never knew his father. So my three youngest little brothers, I considered — they were my kids. Those are my sons, so I took care of them. I financially supported them and still do my family,” Caldwell said.

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The Fox News political analyst added that he “never” thought this would happen to one of his siblings. Some of his siblings have been witnesses to violent crimes, including one who was shot at in 2017, and “his best friend died in his arms.” But never did Caldwell think he would lose one of his brothers to a violent crime.

“I never, ever, ever thought that my baby brother, just turned 18, would ever be in this situation. We’ve never had anybody murdered in our family, and we’ve been through very, very tragic things,” he said. “God has always shielded each and every one of us, so I can’t understand how this happened. I’m trying to get the details to understand fully what’s going on here.”

Christian loved sports, spending time with friends, traveling, and “he loved his big brother,” Caldwell said.