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Trump Announces Plan to Take Down Joe and ‘Entire Biden Crime Family’ Upon Regaining the White House

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Former President Donald Trump released a platform for action if he retakes the White House in the 2024 elections on Monday, and his Republican primary opponents should have paid as much attention as President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

In a post on his Truth Social social media platform, Trump vowed that, upon his return to the White House, allegations of corruption involving Vice President Joe Biden and his family would be vigorously prosecuted, as well as a return to the policies that made the United States energy independent.

Given the sentiment that Biden’s blatantly political prosecutions have created among conservatives, Trump’s GOP rivals should be pressing this plan with equal vigor.

Late Monday morning, One America News Network’s Daniel Baldwin posted Trump’s plans to Twitter in his signature all-caps style.

Even Chris Christie presumably understands that closing the border and supporting energy independence should be standard for any Republican seeking the nomination.

Trump’s decision to focus the election on the criminal allegations surrounding President Joe Biden, the obviously criminal Hunter Biden, and “the entire Biden crime family” elevates the situation to an entirely new level.

And while liberals and establishment conservatives are likely to object to what appears to be an overt politicization of the legal system in this country by the Trump campaign, any honest examination of how Democrats have done the same in recent years demands at least a discussion on whether it is necessary.

Indeed, that is the case.

Since Trump’s shocking 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton, the nation has witnessed an unprecedented weaponization of the federal government — not on behalf of the president-elect, but on behalf of his opponents.

Trump and his supporters were targeted by out-of-control FBI staffers and a leadership team that is as dishonest as it is dishonorable, not to mention a special counsel’s office that spent years and tens of millions of dollars on an investigation that amounted to an extended political attack on the Trump administration on an unprecedented scale.

Moreover, since the 2020 election, the entire apparatus of the federal government has been turned against Trump and his supporters, not only with the indictments against the former president himself, but also with the Torquemada tactics of investigators into the January 6 Capitol incursion, which have demonstrated that federal tolerance of political violence depends entirely on the side of the violators.

Black Lives Matter riots, rioters, and antifa terrorists are ignored, protests outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices are tolerated to a literally criminal degree, firebombings of pro-life pregnancy centers receive scant attention, but conservatives can expect a SWAT team at their door if they commit acts the left finds objectionable.

Now, in the third year of the Biden presidency, evidence keeps emerging that the “big guy” in the White House has been part of an influence-peddling ring dating back to his time as vice president, with family members receiving millions of dollars from foreign governments, funneled through shell companies that exist primarily to conceal money from the government.

In spite of this, the FBI’s most public action is to obstruct House Republican investigators as much as possible, while the bureau’s former director has publicly endorsed Biden’s 2024 presidential bid.

Trump faces a congested field of opponents, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis being his most formidable opponent at this time. And there is no assurance that he will be the Republican nominee in the end. However, it is virtually certain that additional evidence of Biden’s corruption will emerge.

James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and his team of investigators have been constructing an increasingly incriminating case day by day.

And every Republican who is even considering running for the GOP nomination should realize that what Trump is describing is not so much the “politicization” of a justice system as it is its restoration.

Once upon a time, the initials “FBI” commanded reverence due to the bureau’s position as the nation’s preeminent law enforcement agency. Once upon a time, the Justice Department held a comparable position.

After the presidency of Barack Obama, with Eric Holder as attorney general and Loretta Lynch (she of the covert airport meeting with Bill Clinton) as attorney general, those days are long gone.

Regardless of who wins the Republican primary, eradicating the Biden family’s and its supporters’ malfeasance from the highest levels of government should be the top priority.

The law demands it. It is required by the Justice Department, which is currently under the control of the malicious Attorney General Merrick Garland. And the American people require it if they are to ever be able to trust their government as they should.

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