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Trump Arrest Saga Takes Another Turn – Law Enforcement Makes Major Announcement

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The struggle session saga to arrest President Donald J. Trump and punish him for defending the commoners and elevating lower socioeconomic classes in the United States has dramatically escalated since last Friday, when Trump himself reacted to a leak from a highly corrupt district attorney’s office in New York that he was going to be arrested.

Trump, a contender for president in 2024, was growing dramatically in the polls at the beginning of March, and many Americans feel that his arrest will improve his popularity among the American public.

Trump led all other Republican contenders for the final Party Primary by eight points in Monmouth.

The most recent highly aggressive attack on Trump by a George Soros-backed Democrat DA, Alvin Bragg, has backfired on the very people who are brazenly using the US Judicial system for lawfare punishments of their political opponents, reducing the once highly regarded system of justice to a third-world gutter.

Democrats delight in the erosion of civil rights in the United States, revealing their predilection for authoritarian techniques of dominance and control over once-free people.

Leftists are so preoccupied with celebrating Trump’s punishment for his love of the United States that they are oblivious to the fact that the villainous DA is not faring as well as they had planned.

Martin Walsh reported for Conservative Brief on the specifics and the current status of the arrest caper.

According to law enforcement officials, former President Donald Trump may not be arraigned this week.

On Monday, the officials gathered behind closed doors to discuss the mechanics of arraigning Donald Trump if he is indicted for “hush money” payments made on his behalf during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Monday, a law enforcement source told Fox News that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and law enforcement addressed the practicalities of blocking down roadways as well as the need for additional police and barricades. District Attorney Alvin Bragg allegedly opposes a “virtual arraignment” of Donald Trump, which would require him to appear in New York.

“According to a law enforcement source, the former president is not expected to be charged until the following week, since the Manhattan grand jury – which has been gathering in secret for weeks to hear evidence – has another witness on Wednesday.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

A virtual option was apparently ruled out as the DA is opposed to it. CONTINUE READING…

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