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Trump Attorneys Release Massive Statement After Media Tour By Head Juror in Georgia Case

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Emily Kohrs, the grand jury forewoman in the Trump probe, embarked on a media tour last week to discuss the Georgia inquiry. In addition to her interviews suggesting bias towards former President Trump, her social media activity indicated that she supports witchcraft.

Ralph Bailey, a former news correspondent and current radio host, stated that he couldn’t “believe the idiotic comments made by Emily Kohrs, the Georgia Grand Jury Foreman for the investigation into election fraud in the state,” and went on to explain why Kohrs’ comments to CNN completely imply that former President Trump is on the list of indictments and how those comments will completely derail the investigations of Georgia DA Fani Willis.

Bailey is not alone herself. As a result of the government’s inability to present its case, some individuals wonder if Kohrs’s act was intentional.

Trending Politics News reported with more details about the jury forewoman ‘witch’ and about the unfolding situation:

Kohrs was seen laughing during media appearances earlier this week. Critics of the grand jury’s investigation saw Kohrs’ demeanor as evidence of bias against Trump and his allies.

Kohrs was not permitted to discuss the grand jury’s conclusions, and her behavior was immaterial to the probe’s outcome, according to proponents of the investigation. The findings of the grand jury remains sealed, and it is now unclear if charges will be pursued.

Emily Kohrs, the forewoman of the grand jury investigating former President Donald Trump, has been condemned by a number of individuals for communicating to the media about the probe. Trump’s defense team might use her interviews to demonstrate prejudice towards the previous president.

Some have stated that Kohrs would have been wiser to refrain from commenting until after any potential indictments. It is essential to recall that Kohrs was not allowed to reveal the grand jury’s findings, and therefore her behavior during media appearances may be used to infer the investigation’s veracity. It is uncertain if charges will be filed based on the findings of the grand jury, as the decision rests with the district attorney.


It was revealed on Thursday that Kohrs had a startling Pinterest account that explored the realm of witchcraft and magic spells.

Kohrs had a Pinterest page promoting literature on “Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism” along with many pins devoted to spell casting. The contents of the board are attracting attention and raising doubts about the grand jury investigation’s neutrality.

A two-year-old Pinterest post with a pentagram — a contemporary sign of occultism – indicated that witches may protect themselves during magic practice by casting a circle. In another article, she advised “beginning witches” to get sea salt, rosemary, quartz, and incense in order to begin practicing their trade. These discoveries are prompting anxiety and raising doubts about the grand jury’s investigation’s impartiality.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Supporters of the investigation noted that Kohrs was not authorized to speak about the grand jury’s findings and that her demeanor was irrelevant to the investigation’s outcome. The grand jury’s report remains sealed, and it is not yet been pursued.

Many people have criticized Emily Kohrs, the forewoman of the grand jury investigating former President Donald Trump for speaking to the media about the investigation. Her interviews could be used by Trump’s defense team which might indicate a bias against the former president. CONTINUE READING…

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