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Trump Ballot Case: Clarence Thomas Leaves Colorado Lawyer Grasping at Straws with Perfect Question

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No one can obliterate someone’s argument with a simple question quite like Clarence Thomas.

In the ongoing hearings regarding the unconstitutional move by many states to remove former President Donald Trump’s name from their ballots, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas responded to Colorado attorney Jason Murray’s arguments with a simple question, leaving Murray stumped.

In a video shared on social media, Murray argued that there are legal precedents for states to remove national candidates from the ballot. Thomas kept pressing him, asking for examples of when this had been done in the past.

Despite Murray giving examples of states removing candidates on a state level, he couldn’t cite any instances of removing a presidential candidate from the ballot, as Thomas repeatedly requested.

Thomas noted that after the Civil War, with many Confederate politicians and supporters still around, there should be examples of national candidates being disqualified. Murray could only bring up “national candidates who were disqualified by Congress refusing to seat them,” but nothing akin to the current situation with Trump.

After futile attempts, Thomas again asked Murray point-blank, “What are the examples?” Despite Murray expending many words to evade the question, he couldn’t provide a single one.

The fact that Murray struggled to cite even one instance of states disqualifying national candidates underscores the questionable motivations behind these moves. It appears that these blue states are motivated more by their disdain for Donald Trump and their irrational fear of another Trump presidency than by the rule of law or legal precedents.

While political decisions are expected to be influenced by personal biases, conducting an entire case based solely on hatred of a candidate ignores the law in favor of personal judgment. The Supreme Court, with figures like Clarence Thomas, remains one of the few places where such biases won’t get a free pass.

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