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Trump Breaks The Internet With First Tweet Since January Of 2021

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President Trump recently posted his first tweet since January 2021. The tweet comprised of a simple presentation, with the individual’s photo and the phrase “NEVER SURRENDER”

The description was an uncomplicated invitation to visit DonaldJTrump.com.


In a mere fifteen minutes, the tweet has received more than three million views.

As of 18:52 PDT, there is a new development.

This article is currently under construction; please stay tuned for updates.

Elon Musk, Twitter’s CEO, reinstated former President Donald Trump on the social media platform Twitter a few months ago. However, he chose not to post on the platform, which has since been renamed “X,” until Thursday evening.

The future of Trump’s tweeting is uncertain, but his recent activity on the traditional social media platform may indicate that he is prepared to expand his reach on Truth Social, especially in light of his mounting legal challenges.

Former President Donald Trump issued a solemn statement to his supporters during his lengthy detention at the Georgia facility with a reputation for violence, Fulton County Jail. During this incarceration, his infamous mugshot was taken.

“This is my last text to you before my arrest, Patriot. I hope you’ll read my personal note,” read a text from the Trump 2024 campaign on Thursday evening.

“Today, I will be going to the notoriously violent jail in Fulton County, Georgia where I will be ARRESTED despite having committed NO CRIME. Isn’t it interesting that I went my entire life without ever getting arrested. But suddenly out of nowhere, once I decided to run for president as a political outsider and fight for the forgotten citizens of our country, I get ARRESTED FOUR TIMES within the span of just 5 months?” the text message began.

“Not only that, a judge has ruled that today’s spectacle may be televised for the entire world to see. The American people know what’s going on. This is a punishment handed down from the Deep State for daring to challenge the status quo and give a voice to the Silent Majority. The Left wants to intimidate YOU out of voting for a political outsider who puts the American people FIRST. But today, I’m walking into the lion’s den with one simple message on behalf of our entire movement: I WILL NEVER SURRENDER OUR MISSION TO SAVE AMERICA,” the message continued.

“When I walk into the jail to get wrongfully arrested, I will not cower, I will not sulk. I will stand tall and remain resolute in our mission to save America. And if you see me on TV during my sham arrest, just remember that YOU are the source of my courage, my hope, and my resolve to save our country,” it added.

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