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Trump Celebrates Appellate Court’s ‘Very Good Ruling’ from Inside NYC Courthouse

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Thursday, former president Donald Trump praised a “very good ruling” from a New York appellate court that granted him the prerogative to postpone the dissolution of his Empire State enterprises pending a judicial determination of their legal standing.

In its rulings on Thursday, the Appellate Division, First Department upheld the halt pending a four-judge panel’s review.

The Messenger reports that the appellate court, nonetheless, declined to suspend the civil fraud trial of Trump.

Trump expressed gratitude for the rulings and even declared, “I think the country appreciates it.”

The former president’s attorney, Christopher Kise added, “President Trump very much appreciates the court’s consideration and ruling today. The ruling helps pave the way for a much needed, and deliberative, review of the trial court’s many errors.”

“I think it’s a great thing for the country,” Trump agreed in comments made to the press, adding that the ruling was “very powerful.”

Trump has called the non-jury trial against him and his businesses a “weaponization of justice” and slammed New York Attorney General Letitia James’ actions as “election interference,” Fox News reported.

In addition, Trump and his legal team lauded the testimony of an expert witness for the defense, Eli Bartov, an accounting professor at New York University, who stated that he examined Trump’s financial information and concluded that he and his associates committed no wrongdoing.

Additionally, he maintained that the inflated valuation of the Trump Tower penthouse was merely a mistake.

“My main finding is that there is no evidence whatsoever of any accounting fraud,” Bartov testified. Trump’s financial statements, he said, “were not materially misstated.”

Kevin Wallace of the AG’s office blasted Bartov’s testimony and insisted it was “pure speculation from someone they hired to say what they want.”

Bartov fired back, telling Wallace, “You should be ashamed of yourself, talking to me like that. I’m here to tell the truth,” NBC News reported.

Trump called Bartov a “highly respected man.”

“I don’t know him, but he’s an expert witness and he found no fraud whatsoever. He found no accounting fraud whatsoever,” Trump told the media. “And like everyone else, he said, ‘What are we doing here?’ What are we doing here? This is a political witch hunt. This is meant to influence an election. This also comes from the White House. This is not just a state matter because the White House is controlling district attorneys.”

The former president also attacked the case and insisted that “This case should be over. This case should never have been brought.”

Trump called the case an attempt at election interference and added, “It’s a sad day for our country that a thing like this can take place.”

“I’m sitting in a courthouse instead of being in Iowa where I should be, even though I’m leading by about 40 points,” he said.

Additionally, the former president obtained favorable testimony from an executive of Deutsche Bank AG, who in November reaffirmed what Trump has maintained since day one: that none of the alleged criminal actions by New York Attorney General James caused any damage to anyone or had any victims.

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