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Trump Could Receive 30 Days Behind Bars, Source Says

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Get Trump! is the rallying cry of the left and all of its allies and accomplices, and if they have to overturn centuries of judicial liberty to do so, so be it. They are only concerned in preventing the re-election of President Donald J. Trump.

After Trump’s announcement that he will once again run for president, assaults against Trump, his fans, and the media that cover him favorably have risen.

Yet, according to pollsters, Trump’s support among voters has only grown.

And now the RINO-Left have the ideal punishment for Trump and his supporters: they will arrest Trump and attempt to gag and imprison him through a series of “lawfare” techniques.

Trump is scheduled to be arrested on Tuesday for a “crime” that was fabricated and pursued only to halt his growth with the American people, just days after it was reported that Republican voters supported Trump in the upcoming primary.

Trump’s current advantage is so big that his opponents have no choice but to attempt to prevent him from speaking, embarrass him, and demoralize his followers.

The Daily Mail reported on Sunday that Trump’s attorneys expect a Manhattan court would issue a gag order on Monday prohibiting him from discussing his detention in New York City on Tuesday – under punishment of 30 days in prison or a $1,000 fine.

The Daily Mail added the following in an exclusive report:

Trump might be muzzled by a judge in Manhattan on Monday, prior to the hearing.

A source indicated that his legal team is considering employing a First Amendment attorney. Trump is preparing to go to New York to be formally indicted.

The remarkable effort to potentially silence a presidential contender is sure to inflame Trump’s followers as he prepares to depart Florida.

‘The Trump legal team now thinks that the Manhattan judge will take the unprecedented step of silencing the presidential frontrunner with an unconstitutional gag order tomorrow,’ said a source.

Under New York law, violating the gag order might result in a fine of $1000 and a jail sentence of up to 30 days. f

And naturally, the extent to which the left is ready to go to get Trump raises fears for Trump’s safety. Trump’s adversaries have demonstrated they have no morality, ethics, or respect for the law.

Moreover, it was revealed that his legal team would immediately file a request to quash the charges against him.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

‘We will take the indictment. We will dissect it,’ Trump’s attorney Joe Tacopina told CNN on Sunday morning. CONTINUE READING…

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