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Trump Could Still Become House Speaker in 2023 Without Even Being Elected – And He Could Impeach Biden

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The impeachment of Joe Biden by Donald J. Trump would be poetic justice for the hundreds of millions of Americans who have watched over the past six years as Trump has been publicly humiliated by a cabal of anti-American administrative state actors.

Trump would have to replace extreme lunatic Nancy Pelosi as the influential Speaker of the House for this to occur. The possibility of Trump replacing Pelosi has been discussed for a long time, and now its proponents are renewing the notion.

“Speaker of the House Donald Trump” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Take a moment and imagine Trump directing the daily order of business in the House. It would be an absolute spectacle. Democrats would be fuming. C-SPAN ratings would skyrocket,” Michael Austin reported for The Western Journal this week, adding:

“This isn’t just some fanciful MAGA daydream. Nanci Pelosi may soon be forced to pass her gavel over to Trump, especially if Republicans dominate the midterm elections as many pollsters have predicted.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida floated the proposal two days after Democrat Joe Biden assumed the presidency, offering to nominate Trump for speaker if Republicans win control of the House.

Austin’s report went on:

“Of course, establishment RINOs and the media’s talking heads have painted this as a ridiculous impossibility. They said the same about Trump becoming president. That didn’t work out too well for them, now, did it?

Trump becoming the House speaker is certainly possible. Although every speaker in the history of the House has been a representative, there is technically no such requirement. The House of Representatives can appoint whoever they want as their leader.”

Legislative expert Casey Burgat told WUSA, “It literally could be anybody.” Burgat further noted that there is precedence in this case: In the past, some non-members have gotten votes. For example, Joe Biden earned a vote for speaker in 2019.

“This has never been tested to the point where someone has won that nomination where then we have to have this debate,” Burgat said. “But as it stands right now, because it hasn’t been disproven, the House will choose its own Speaker and other officers.”

The previous president’s stance on all of this is as uncertain as ever. In a June 2021 radio interview, Trump described the concept as “very interesting.” Then, during an interview with Just the News in March 2022, Trump downplayed the prospect, stating, “It’s not something I would be interested in.”

“Maybe after November, he’ll come back around to the idea,” Austin wrote.

And the left is panicking:

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

From the Newsweek article, who clearly hope and pray it isn’t true:

“Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida reignited chatter of Trump becoming speaker of the House if Republicans reclaim the chamber in 2022 on Tuesday, telling reporters he’s spoken with Trump about the possibility. Historically, the speaker of the House has been a member of Congress, but the majority party can pick whoever they want. CONTINUE READING…

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