Trump Drops a Bombshell on Pelosi About Inside Information

On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump supported bipartisan efforts to prohibit members of Congress from trading stocks, telling reporters that Pelosi outperforming the stock market is “not fair” to everyday Americans.

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“She has inside information. It’s not right. It’s not appropriate. It shouldn’t be,” Trump replied when asked by a reporter about Pelosi’s trading. “She doesn’t want to discuss that. She wants to discuss other things that shouldn’t be discussed. Some of the things that they’re proposing now, like impeaching someone for absolutely no reason for a perfect phone call. You look at that. You look at impeachment—both of them. But you get impeached for a phone call that was like perfecto. So many different things. I happen to watch her and see her and dealt with her a lot and I think she’s clever in one way and stone-cold crazy. She should not be allowed to do that with the stocks. She should not be allowed to do that. It’s not fair to the rest of this country.”

Trump made the call to a select group of reporters to promote sales of his photo book, Our Journey Together, which has now sold over 200,000 copies in just over a month. As a result of Biden’s supply chain shortages, the book from Winning Team Publishing is backed up on printers since paper shortages have hit American publishing due to Biden’s supply chain shortages, which are preventing publishers from printing the book fast enough. Sergio Gor, president of Winning Team Publishing, opened the call by making fun of the shortages in the Biden supply chain which is making printing enough copies of Trump’s book to meet demand take longer than expected. “Only in Joe Biden’s America do you run out of paper, so our printer has had issues not just with our book but also with several of these giant success books so that kind of ended up delayed all across America,” Gor jokingly proclaimed.

As it has been reported, Trump excoriates Pelosi in his book, which says that she is “f—ing crazy.” As of late, Pelosi has been in the spotlight due to her prolific stock trading efforts as she almost always beats the market. That has attracted bipartisan scorn as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have sought a ban on Capitol Hill members trading stock because of Pelosi’s apparent abuse of the system.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy has proposed a ban on all members of Congress trading stocks, which other Republicans support. Senator Josh Hawley introduced a bill to ban trading. Democratic politicians, such as Sen. Jon Ossoff, have also proposed similar measures.

Pelosi, for her part, said she was a “capitalist” and should be allowed to do whatever she wanted in this regard. Nevertheless, if Republicans regain the majority and McCarthy imposes such a ban from the Speakership, things could change.

Later in the call, Trump praised McCarthy when one reporter asked if the California Republican would be a good choice for Speaker if the Republicans were to win back Congress in November.

“Kevin and I have worked really well together,” Trump answered. “We got people elected. As you see, I’ve endorsed many people. I’m 158-2. One hundred fifty-eight wins and two losses. And the two losses, the people that won are friends of mine now and they were more conservative, they were more Trump as I say than the people I put up. But it’s 158-2, which is an incredible record. Nobody has that record. I very much helped in Virginia. If I didn’t do that, we would have lost by a lot. People understand that. People in Virginia understand that, that I can tell you. People went out in force at my request, and if they didn’t go out it would have been a very big loss. We’ve done very well with that. Kevin and I work very well together. We do the tele-town halls and we’ll get 20 or 25 thousand people on calls. We’ve had a great success. If you look at last time, we were expected to lose 25 to 30 House seats and I made 58 calls. Some were for senators by the way also, and I think you would have been 60-40 in the Senate if I didn’t get involved—you would have been 60-40 down in the Senate. In the House, instead of losing 35 seats and it could have been more than that, we won 16 and everyone was so surprised and that is because I endorsed people. I said give me the ones who are losing close or evening winning close and I made those calls. It turned out to be 58 calls, including for senators like Joni Ernst and Dan Sullivan and I think North Carolina was another one of them—Thom [Tillis]. It was a lot of calls I made, and it would have been 60-40. For instance, in South Carolina, Lindsey [Graham] is very happy to tell people that I helped him greatly. I won very big in South Carolina and was very glad I helped Lindsey. We could go over the list, and it’s very special, but I worked with Kevin closely on that.”

Trump mocked Biden’s press conference from the start of the call, telling the reporters that he hoped he was “not disturbing your viewing of this news conference” since it was “a very friendly conference indeed and the questions are lovely.”

“I wish they asked me questions so nicely like that. They’re almost apologizing for asking the questions,” Trump said, ridiculing the media for handling Biden with kid gloves. “It’s a hell of a thing to watch because he’ll read a list and he’ll pick somebody from the list then he’ll look down at his notes and he’ll answer the question. I never did that. I don’t think I could have gotten away with it.”

On the phone call, Trump absolved Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis of recent media rumors of a spat, saying his relationship with the governor is “very good.”

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“When he wanted to run, he asked for my support and I supported him and he went up immediately very, very high,” Trump recalled. “He won the election the day I announced I was going to give him my endorsement. Then I helped him beat their so-called star, the Democrats’ so-called star, who turned out not to be very much of a star. But I have a very good relationship with him and we’ve had that for a long time and I was very supportive of him and I continue to be. I think he’s good.”

The publisher for Trump will receive another 100,000 copies next month once supply chain issues are resolved, and another 100,000 copies after that. The photo book can be ordered at, and Trump believes the reason for the high sales is that people are seeing how ineffective Biden has been as president and that they want to remember how it was to have a president who acted effectively.