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Trump Drops a Whopping $50 million Lawsuit For Damages

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Former president and 2024 presidential contender Donald J. Trump is suing Democrat journalist Bob Woodward over the publishing of his Trump Tapes audiobook.

Trump asserts he owns the copyright to their White House chats and is asking that Woodward and Simon & Schuster pay $49 million in damages.

Trump, who can be heard on the recordings referring to Woodward as “a great historian” and “the great Bob Woodward” in their taped on-the-record conversations, is not pleased with Woodward’s audio publication, according to a Monday article by The Daily Mail.

Perhaps Trump’s statements were wishful thinking on his part, as he strives to see the best in everyone. Roger Stone, a longtime friend of Donald Trump and a political insider, reminded readers that Woodward has a troubled past with the truth and honesty in his leftist political journalism.

Stone criticized Woodward and provided a link to an article exposing Woodward’s Fake News techniques. The author of the post Stone quoted totally discredits Woodward, confirming Trump’s accusations in the lawsuit that Woodward is dishonest.

From the article Stone linked:

“Woodward and Bernstein didn’t just destroy Nixon. They radically altered the course of American history. By bringing down Nixon, they gave us Jimmy Carter. They revealed to their colleagues in the American news media just how much power they all had to shape public opinion – and how much wealth and prestige they could accrue by bending the facts to fit a partisan narrative. Woodstein’s example made possible the news media’s use, decades later, of endlessly repeated lies about Donald Trump to bring down yet another successful presidency.

In short, the real story of Watergate is far different from the story we’ve been told all these years. The only remaining mystery now is this: to what, if any, degree will John O’Connor, in the face of a press corps and a community of academic historians who are devoted to the Watergate myth, succeed in replacing that myth, in the public record, with the Nixon-friendly, Post-damning facts?”

Check it out:

Trump, according to a press statement from his staff, is targeting Woodward for publishing the same type of political lies about him.

“I am continuing my fight against the corrupt, dishonest, & deranged Fake News Media by filing this lawsuit against a man whose image is far different from the fact, Bob Woodward…I will always champion TRUTH & battle against the evil forces of disinformation & Fake News!”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Trump had earlier called Woodward ‘very sleazy’ and threatened to sue. On Monday, he finally did so in Florida, drawing a Pensacola judge who is battling terminal prostate cancer and who once issued a ruling that struck down Obamacare. CONTINUE READING…

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