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Trump Drops Bomb About Ukraine In LIVE Interview With Bannon

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Steve Bannon, a former political strategist who now broadcasts one of the most popular political podcasts in the world titled ‘War Room,’ met with Donald Trump on Friday.

In the exclusive televised podcast, Trump was able to say things he couldn’t on mainstream networks, specifically Fox News, which he noted in the interview censored the truth and prevented him from speaking freely.

In the nearly one-hour live interview with his erstwhile strategist and close friend, Steve Bannon, Trump revealed many of the things he has been compelled to hold back from saying. During their time together, a great deal was learned.

Among the hot takes from Trump that he’s rarely, if ever, shared before are that he used tariffs to secure the border, Covid was used by the left to cheat the election, DeSantis is “losing badly,” we’ll win the 2024 election and Make America Great Again, and, perhaps most importantly, that he claimed he could settle the Ukraine-Russia conflict in 24 hours.

See the best excerpts of his remarks below:

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