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Trump Drops Democrat’s Name For His Running Mate

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During a Thursday interview with Newsmax, Donald Trump was asked about the possibility that Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. would be his candidate for vice president. Trump is vying for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, while Kennedy Jr. is vying for the Democratic Party’s nomination to challenge President Joe Biden and has substantial party support.

First brought up was the possibility of Kennedy Jr. running as an independent by host Rob Schmitt, to which Trump responded: “He [RFK Jr.] got great support in the party – in the Democrat party. He has got 20 percent [of Democrats supporting him]. I saw a poll today [were he got] 23 percent of the vote. That is a lot of vote and so I don’t know would he run as an independent? He can get a lot of votes I can tell you.”

The host continued, “I don’t think that can happen, but have you ever thought about that?” after revealing that some people have suggested a unity ticket between Trump and Kennedy. “No, but people have suggested it,” Trump retorted. “I read the same things you do. There are a lot of people suggesting it. No question about that,”

Trump continued, “I have known him over the years. He’s a smart guy and well-intentioned. I really believe that he is really well-intentioned.” In spite of the fact that he denied having previously considered such a pairing, he was aware of its demand and holds Kennedy Junior in high regard.

Due to the fact that both political figures have been subject to censorship, they share numerous similarities. Recently, RFK Jr. testified before Congress about some of the censorship he encountered. In his acceptance speech for president, Kennedy recalled, “Five minutes into my speech, as I was discussing Paul Revere, YouTube de-platformed me.” He made it plain that he was discussing his campaign and the dialogues that Americans should be having with one another, but he was interrupted.

Kennedy viewed the First Amendment and the right to free speech as “the fertilizer, the water, and the sun for our democracy.” We must communicate with one another.”

Kennedy has advocated for the need to dismantle the pervasive “surveillance state” and would support Trump in his fight against the deep state.

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