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Trump: ‘Every Day Is April Fools’ Day’ in Biden’s America

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During his campaign kickoff address, President Donald Trump delivered a knockout punch against Democratic President Joe Biden.

Trump stated that the United States under the leadership of Vice President Joe Biden is like April 1st every day.

“We need a fighter who can stand up to the left, stand up to the swamp, stand up to the media, stand up to the deep state,” Trump said.

“Am I allowed to say stand up to the RINOs, too?

“There’s only one president who has ever challenged the entire establishment in Washington, and with your vote next year, we will do it again.

“Together we will complete the unfinished business of making America great again!

“I’m more angry now and more committed now than I ever was,” Trump said.

“The 2024 election is our one shot to save our country, and we need a leader who is ready to do that on day one.

“To change the whole system, you need a president that can take on the whole system.

“We’re begging foreign nations for oil when we have far more oil than they have and then on top of it, we sell China millions and millions of barrels of cheap oil.

“I think of the United States every day as April Fools’ day,” the 45th president said.

“We have open borders when they should be closed, it’s April fools’ day. Who would allow this.”

“We’re going to defeat the cult of gender ideology, and reaffirm that God created two genders called men and women.

“They stopped the wall construction.

“We built hundreds of miles of wall, but they stopped the construction.

“Three weeks, it could have been — the addition, because we added a lot more than we originally said we’re going to do.

“We had to wait two and a half years because the Democrats sued us — we had 11 different lawsuits — we won all of the lawsuits.

“I actually got a lot of the money, I took it out of the military because I considered it to be defense of our country.

“We are at the brink of World War 3 in Ukraine.

“And we need a peace deal right now.

“I would have a peace deal within 24 hours.”


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