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Trump Finally Addresses It For The First Time – Makes Stern Demand

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During an interview with conservative analyst and former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, President Donald Trump conveyed his perspective on mounting concerns regarding the potential adverse effects of COVID-19 immunizations.

During their Wednesday conversation, Dixon informed Trump of the difficulties encountered by American citizens as a result of the pandemic. The individual inquired about President Trump’s stance on the possibility of additional lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had a booming economy with you before COVID. COVID stole so much from us. We lost our loved ones. We suffered major learning loss. Our kids really suffered mental health strain. Costs have gone through the roof. And now we’re hearing that Kentucky is shutting down two school systems because of COVID again. So people are panicked that these shutdowns are going to return. What happens in a Trump administration when COVID comes back?” Dixon inquired.

Trump stated categorically that his administration would not implement any closure measures.

The former president answered, “Well, we don’t do shutdowns, for one thing, and it sounds to me like if something’s coming back, they blame everything,” Trump said, expressing skepticism toward the notion that the ongoing health crisis was solely due to COVID-19.

“They say it’s COVID because they love using the word COVID. If you have a flu season, they call it COVID. We had that then too, by the way. You had a lot of flu. You had a lot of this, and they like to say everything’s COVID. But let’s see what happens,” Trump continued.

Trump criticized Biden’s approach to administering the COVID-19 pandemic, stating, “I always said Biden did a lousy job with COVID, and he did do a lousy job. We handed him over a great situation, and a lot of stupid decisions were made, especially with the spending of money and what they were doing.”

Dixon redirected the conversation to Biden’s pledge to allocate funding for a novel vaccine and questioned Trump about the level of transparency surrounding vaccine data, specifically referring to documented cases of myocarditis, blood clots, and other unfavorable occurrences.

“Joe Biden just announced that he’s going to be funding a new vaccine. He wants everyone to get this vaccine,” she began.

“And we’re hearing about a lot of complaints from vaccine injured, to say a lot. It’s like an understatement. Numerous pharmaceutical companies have refused to release their data on vaccine side effects. But we’ve seen cases of myocarditis, blood clots, and heart attacks. They’re all increasing. The research has never been released.”

“So will you demand that the vaccine companies, that the pharmaceutical companies release their vaccine data to the public so that we can see what they’re actually seeing about the side effects of this vaccine?” Dixon asked the former president a question.

In light of Dixon’s concerns, Trump voiced his support for complete transparency within the pharmaceutical industry and emphasized the collaborative nature of our efforts to combat the issue at hand.

“Well, they should do that. Trump emphasized, “We’re all in this together, and they should be doing that.” CONTINUE READING…

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