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Trump Gets Amazing News After Indictment

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It would be a gross understatement to say that the former president of the United States is having a less-than-stellar few days.

The Justice Department indicted former President Donald Trump on an astounding 37 counts on Thursday.

These 37 counts were broken down as follows: 31 counts of “Willful Retention of National Defense Information,” and one count each of “Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice,” “Withholding a Document or Record,” “Corruptly Concealing a Document or Record,” “Concealing a Document in a Federal Investigation,” “Scheme to Conceal,” and “False Statements and Representations.”

On Friday, two crucial members of Trump’s legal staff departed, exacerbating these issues.

Trump has made it abundantly obvious that he is largely unaffected by the chaos and turmoil enveloping the former chief executive.

It’s a sentiment that’s apparently been adopted by swathes of prospective Republican voters, at least according to a CBS News Poll conducted by YouGov (the poll was conducted from June 9-10, 2023, and has a 6.6 margin of error.)

Perhaps the clearest indication of this is the most instructive. When asked how these indictment charges might influence their opinion of Trump, 61 percent of prospective Republican primary voters said the indictments would not affect their opinion of the former president.

Eighty percent of probable Republican primary voters believe Trump should still be able to serve as president if he is actually convicted of crimes related to his controversies.

While the poll is unquestionably good news for Trump in terms of where his supporters stand ahead of what will be a bloody GOP primary battle (Trump is still by far the heavy favorite to emerge from the GOP primary field), it also suggests that not everything is rosy with potential Trump voters.

When asked what topics they would like to hear Trump discuss and campaign on, prospective Republican primary voters indicated that the current condition of the country is the most pressing concern, and that the past should be left in the past.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

According to this poll, 96 percent of likely GOP primary voters would prefer Trump talk about his plans for the country. Conversely, 61 percent of those GOP voters want Trump to stop talking about the investigations against him, and over two-thirds (68 percent) of voters want Trump to stop talking about whatever it is that he thinks happened in the 2020 general election. CONTINUE READING…

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