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Trump Gets Best News Even CNN Can’t Ignore

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In the wake of reports that the Department of Justice is planning to withdraw an indictment against former President Donald Trump for his handling of classified documents, a new report has emerged that contradicts the narrative that he never followed the rules.

According to a CNN report, a former White House official who advised on the declassification of documents during the Trump and Obama administrations provided specific examples of when Trump ensured that everything followed the rules.

The former official, whose name was withheld by CNN, stated that Trump was aware of the procedure for properly declassifying documents, but did not claim that it was always followed.

The official, who was interrogated by the Justice Department for both the Trump investigation and the investigation into President Joe Biden’s management of classified documents, stated that the tone of each investigation was significantly different.

When comparing the questioning about Biden to that about Trump, the former official said, “You wouldn’t expect it to match the intensity, and it didn’t.”

The former official recalled to CNN how Trump and his aides guaranteed the proper declassification of certain documents, including a 2018 memo pertinent to the discredited Russia investigation against Trump.

According to the former official, former National Security Council attorney John Eisenberg conferred with President Trump in the Oval Office before summoning him.

Eisenberg then told the former official to “get your declassifying tools.”

The former official stated that he and White House attorneys carefully evaluated and redacted the memo under the direction of Eisenberg, who CNN reported refused to comment on the story.

Trump has claimed that he automatically declassified a large number of documents, whereas his attorneys have suggested that, as the administration departed Washington, a number of classified documents were gathered and packaged.

However, there is no evidence that Trump followed the correct declassification procedure, and his attorneys have evaded stating in court whether Trump declassified the documents he maintained.

According to One America News, attorney and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz stated that indicting Trump would constitute election interference.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“I have absolutely no doubt we’re seeing special justice for Donald Trump, an attempt to get Trump, an attempt to take the vote away from the voters and put it in the hands of Justice Department officials, jurors, lawyers, and judges,” he said. CONTINUE READING…

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