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Trump Gets HUGE News About Charges With DOJ’s ‘60-Day Rule’

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It does not go unnoticed that the raid on the Trump family home at Mar-a-Lago comes just a few months before the mid-term elections.

A vast majority of Republican candidates running for office have been endorsed by former President Trump.

Trump has been campaigning and endorsing candidates across the country, and in the primaries those endorsed by him won their place on the ballot, far outnumbered those who did not.

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These and other instances leading up to the mid-terms have Democrats worried.

Casting shade on the former president could certainly have an effect on those candidates in their races at the polls in the mid-terms.

To recap some of the ongoing attacks against Trump:

The former president is being investigated by the FBI and DOJ into whether he violated the Espionage Act by taking several allegedly classified documents from the White House after he left office.

Trump has repeatedly stated publicly that he himself declassified the documents before leaving the Oval Office, and the items are part of a collection headed for his presidential library.

Trump also faces investigations into his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, with federal prosecutors examining how these efforts may have led to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

In all the time since the Jan 6 events no charges have ever been brought against former President Trump.

Georgia prosecutors have also opened an investigation into how the former president may have interfered with the election within the state after Trump called Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and told him “to find” the votes needed to secure a victory.

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Suspicions were at that time, and have been since, that Republican ballots cast had been “lost” and Democratic ballots had been “added”, putting the former president’s comments in an understandable light.

Former President Trump has repeatedly blasted the FBI and the DOJ for their handling of just about everything in regard to the unprecedented persecution against him and his administration.

Last Week Trump posted:

“Not only did the FBI steal my passports in the FBI Raid and Break-In of my home [trump demanded the FBI return his passports, which they had to do and did], but it has just been learned through court filings that they also improperly took my complete and highly confidential medical file and history, with all the bells and whistles (at least they’ll see that I’m very healthy, an absolutely perfect physical specimen!), plus personal Tax Records (illegal to take), and lawyer/client/privileged information, a definite NO, NO. Days of the Soviet Union!”

And on September 9th Trump posted:

“So now the FBI and Biden Department of ‘Justice’ leakers are going to spend Millions of Dollars, & vast amounts of Time and Energy, to appeal the Order on the ‘Raid of Mar-a-Lago Document Hoax’ by a brilliant and courageous Judge whose words of wisdom rang true throughout out Nation, instead of fighting the record-setting corruption and crime that is taking place right before their very eyes. they SPIED on my campaign, lied to FISA COURT, told Facebook ‘quiet’, preside over the worst CRIME WAVE ever!”

Regarding the opposition to have a special master appointed, Trump noted:

“They leak, lie, plant fake evidence, allow the spying on my campaign, deceive the FISA Court, RAID and Break-In to my home, lose documents, and then they ask me, as the 45th President of the United States, to trust them. Look at the IG reports of Comey, McCabe, and others. Things are safer in the middle of Central Park!”

And now the federal prosecutors have made another error, reports the Washington Examiner:

In addition to not having been charged so far for any of the alleged crimes, it now seems that Former President Donald Trump may avoid legal trouble before the midterm elections as federal prosecutors have missed an unofficial deadline to announce charges 60 days before Election Day.

Continuing attack against the former president, some experts have questioned whether the traditional rule applies in this case, as Trump is not a candidate appearing on the November ballot, even though he has been campaigning and endorsing others who are.

“It’s not at all clear that it applies to taking investigative steps against a noncandidate former president who is nevertheless intimately involved in the November election,” Jack Goldsmith, the former head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, told the New York Times. “But its purpose of avoiding any significant impact on an election seems to be implicated.”

The Department of Justice is likely to hold off on deciding whether to press charges against the former president, abiding by the “60 Day Rule”: a long-standing yet unofficial tradition that the DOJ avoids making consequential decisions within 60 days of an election that could affect voters’ decisions.

The 60-day marker for the 2022 midterm elections fell on Friday, meaning it is unlikely Trump will face any charges until after the election.

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