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Trump Gets Incredible News Ahead Of Possible 2024 Contest With Biden

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Although though former President Trump has been devoting a considerable deal of effort to fighting off assaults from the left since announcing his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, President Joseph Biden’s standing in the eyes of the American people is deteriorating. Biden has claimed he would run, and no Democrats have formally contested his candidacy.

A majority of registered voters say Biden is “too elderly for another term in government,” according to a recent Yahoo News/YouGov survey. About seven in ten people (68%) stated that the president’s age of 80 is a concern for them.

Even worse, the survey reveals that a greater number of Democrats concur with this judgment. Conservative Brief notes that over 48% of Democratic voters believe Biden’s age is an issue, while only 34% think the president’s age does not bother them.

The New York Post elaborated on the poll’s further findings: “Eighteen percent of Democrats polled were not sure if Biden was too old for another term. Already the oldest president in US history, Biden would be 86 by the end of his second term if he were to win re-election in 2024. A majority of independents, 71%, also said that age 82 was too old to start a second term as president, which is how old Biden would be on his second Inauguration Day. Biden has not formally declared that he will run for a second term but he has said on several occasions that he intends to seek re-election.”

Although Biden loses popularity, Trump continues to rise in the polls, as all attacks against the former president are ineffective and he stays undamaged.

According to Breitbart, a new McLaughlin survey released on Thursday indicates that the former president has a five-point lead against President Joseph Biden in a head-to-head fight in 2024. In the survey, 48% of respondents indicated they would vote for the former president, while 43% said they would vote for President Biden.

Breitbart reported: “With the 2024 general election 20 months away, Trump also leads Biden in battleground states. A majority of 51 percent supported Trump, while only 41 percent backed Biden. When the pollster asked about GOP primary support, Trump led 13 potential primary opponents with 46 percent of the vote, 23 points ahead of the next closest primary opponent Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) at 23 percent. If Trump and DeSantis faced each other in a head-to-head matchup, Trump won 61 percent support, compared to DeSantis’ 31 percent support, a 30-point differential.”

“Trump would beat Biden in a landslide,” the pollster analyzed.

Trump’s support among Republican voters has increased. Since January, his score has increased by 19 points. An AP-NORC survey conducted in early February indicated that only 37% of Democrats favor Biden for a second term. Before to the November 2018 midterm elections, the same survey revealed that 52 percent of respondents supported Biden to run again in 2024, as reported by Conservative Brief.

“While Biden has trumpeted his legislative victories and ability to govern, the poll suggests relatively few U.S. adults give him high marks on either. Follow-up interviews with poll respondents suggest that many believe the 80-year-old’s age is a liability, with people focused on his coughing, his gait, his gaffes, and the possibility that the world’s most stressful job would be better suited for someone younger,” the Associated Press reported.

The AP report added:

Overall, 41% approve of how Biden is handling his job as president, the poll shows, similar to ratings at the end of last year. A majority of Democrats still approve of the job Biden is doing as president, yet their appetite for a reelection campaign has slipped despite his electoral track record. Only 22% of U.S. adults overall say he should run again, down from 29% who said so before last year’s midterm elections.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The decline among Democrats saying Biden should run again for president appears concentrated among younger people. Among Democrats age 45 and over, 49% say Biden should run for reelection, nearly as many as the 58% who said that in October. But among those under age 45, 23% now say he should run for re-election after 45% said that before the midterms. CONTINUE READING…

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