Trump Gets Perfect Revenge On Dems Who Tried To Shut Him Down

President Donald J. Trump has been blazing the countryside bigger than a rock star for years now, having political rallies that are so popular that men, women, and children stand in line in the rain, in the cold, and for very long periods- just to show support to Trump and his America First agenda.

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The left has nothing at all – in all of their history that can compare with the everlasting popularity of Trump- it is so bad that the leftist/RINO establishment gets very bitter about that fact. Now they are very worried about Trump’s newest tour, which has escalated the Trump rally into something very actionable.

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Many attendees of Trump’s rallies go to great lengths and travel long distances just to be counted – because honestly, they don’t feel that dirty politicians care about anything else but how many people showed up at a Trump rally.

If his newest events are that Popular- the left is sure to be humiliated. And the people just may show up in droves.

Frankly, Conservative/Populist voters’ phone calls, activism, pleas, and votes don’t matter to DC, so all many American voters have left is to attend a Trump rally. There, at the rally space, Americans are made to feel counted, they enjoy great fellowship with each other, they get great music and they happen to have a great time as well.

Now they may purchase tickets and show up in droves, just to be a part of what Trump and his team are doing.

The political establishment hates Trump and his free rallies for all these things that Americans love and want to see more of- in the USA.

And now they hate his ticketed events, and they are being all “stompyfoot’ about it.

Trump is – no doubt – the only politician who can deliver massive victories for the Republican Party and he alone designed what his team calls the American Freedom Tour.

In at least one town, city officials are having sour grapes about it- and they announced recently that they are not going to allow local police to assist in any way- which is curious because local police assist with all large venues, even church gatherings and pumpkin patch celebrations when the traffic will be congested.

But not for Trump, because he is ‘orange man bad’ or something? Who knows. Check out this ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>article by Conservative Brief’s Jon Doughtery:

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“According to Action News 5, as of late last week, no local police agency had been asked to provide security for Trump’s entourage to the June 18 event, which is actually going to be held at the Landers Center in Southaven, Miss.

Memphis City Councilman Martavius Jones told the outlet that he doesn’t want any Memphis Police giving the former president an escort to the arena, which is a 15- to 20-minute drive south of the airport in Memphis. He went on to claim that the reason was financial, not political.”

However, as Doughtery pointed out, Jones is a Democrat and he and fellow Councilman JB Smiley Jr., a Democratic candidate for Tennessee governor, introduced a resolution barring the Memphis Police Dept. from providing any security assistance.

This is their important work:

Conservative Brief article goes on to describe a showboat parade by the disgraced pouty Democrats, who have no authority to do what they are doing- but do it anyway is how they roll:

“He’s no longer the president. He has a Secret Service detail, I think that’s sufficient,” said Smiley.

But Larry Ward, a spokesperson for the American Freedom Tour, lashed out at the proposal, calling it “mean-spirited, partisan, preposterous and penurious.”

“Perhaps the Memphis City Council should consult with the good members of the Memphis Police Department about withholding security for President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States,” he said, according to Action News 5.

“I am not sure they would agree with the proposal, as protecting presidents is and has always been an unambiguous national security priority,” he added.

The outlet went on to report that Memphis police will assist if asked to do so by the Secret Service.

Public Information Officer Major Karen Rudolph said: “If we are asked to assist any federal partner regarding the safety of a group or individual, we will assist.”

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Rudolph added that, at the time of the report, his department had not yet been contacted by the American Freedom Tour.
And Tish Clark with the DeSoto County Sherriff’s Department said: “Nothing specific has been set up yet. The Secret Service will contact us and Southaven Police to put a plan in place.”

She went on to say “DCSD provides inside security for all events that occur at Lander’s Center because it is a county taxpayer-owned building. This event will be no different.”

According to the tour’s website, the event will feature several notable conservative figures including the former president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.; his fiancee and former Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle; “2000 Mules” producer Dinesh D’Souza; former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; leading conservative podcaster Candace Owens; and Pinal County, Ariz. Sheriff Mark Lamb.
“The American Freedom Tour with President Donald J. Trump is a celebration of faith, family, unalienable rights, and God-given American freedoms,” the tour’s website notes.