Trump Hit With Bad News About Criminal Investigation Into Him

The opposition against President Donald J. Trump for his pro-America agenda is unraveling in a snarly jumbled-up mess of personal vendettas and brazen exploitation of power- in a very public way, with the judicial branch in New York continually showing the depths of their corruption.

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An AP update on the lawfare plans to destroy Trump in Manhattan started:

“Rejecting suggestions he has lost interest in going after Donald Trump, the Manhattan district attorney said Thursday a criminal investigation into the former president and his business practices is continuing “without fear or favor” despite a recent shakeup in the probe’s leadership, which is embarrassing even the left.”

On Thursday, the news was that a massive three-year Manhattan DA investigation into the Trump Organization and Trump’s family members, including a grand jury in the case that had focused primarily on Donald Trump while he was in Washington DC, is winding down.

Two sources with knowledge of the case told Business Insider that no new charges against Trump or his family members- are expected.

The probe participants have broken down, with people quitting in protest that the DAs office is not being used more aggressively to punish Trump.

Sources say that it is likely that there will be a single indictment: the one already on the books from July, charging the former president’s company and its CFO with a relatively low-level payroll and tax scam, the people said.

“I wouldn’t be optimistic about there being more,” said one source whose involvement in the prosecution side of the case has recently ended.

Many people reading understand the DA’s statement to say that he has a personal agenda and doesn’t care whose career he destroys to try to get Trump.

Even left-leaning BuzzFeed knows this DA’s case against Trump is messed up, according to their reporting:

“Over the last several weeks, the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into former President Donald Trump has appeared to be unraveling, with the two top prosecutors on the case resigning over the lack of charges and the DA feeling so attacked over the lack of movement that he issued a statement Thursday saying an indictment against Trump could still come.

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“Investigations are not linear,” DA Alvin Bragg Jr. told CNN Thursday. “So we are following the leads in front of us, and that’s what we’re doing.”

It must be really embarrassing how weak the claims are against Trump, one of the most investigated men in the world, for the left to admit the personal basis of another Democrat.

The AP Reported with more details:

In a rare public statement, Alvin Bragg denied the three-year-old investigation was winding down or that a grand jury term expiring this month would impede his office’s ability to bring charges.

Citing secrecy rules, the district attorney said he couldn’t discuss details of the probe but pledged to publicly disclose findings when it’s over.

“In recent weeks, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has been repeatedly asked whether our investigation concerning former President Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization, and its leadership is continuing,” Bragg wrote. “It is.”

According to the DA’s website- Bragg fancies himself as a defender of justice and fairness.

“Alvin Bragg is the 37th District Attorney elected in Manhattan. Alvin – a lifelong Manhattanite who served as a state and federal prosecutor – has spent more than two decades fighting to make our communities safer and our criminal justice system fairer.”

It is ironic that someone would write that about him even though he doesn’t seem to be able to accept the limits of his personal power as a DA in allowing for our system of Justice to play out.

Lawfare is a way of legally harassing someone, using the power and weight of the US Court system to force a person into taking plea deals or facing consequences for personal vendettas.

Trump’s opponents have used lawfare against his associates, his friends and family, and his supporters, but they have never found anything on Trump- even after very expensive and lengthy investigations.

Democrats have finally shown the desperate measures they will go to, to hurt Republicans.

“There were a lot of people” being looked at, agreed a second source with knowledge of the case from late last year. “Many of them named Trump,” the second source added.

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“Anything is possible,” the source said of new charges being voted before the grand jury’s six-month term expires this month. “But that is not really a realistic expectation.”

“There’s a clock ticking, but the DA can go to the grand jury and ask for a new clock,” he said. “They can ask to extend the term so the grand jurors can finish what they started either way, indictment or no indictment.”

He added, “Of course, the question is, is there unfinished business?”

Many observers sense the answer is no.